Aug 28, 2012

Tucson Family Portraits

I met Maggie and ArJay in my freshman English class my first year of college. ArJay was the one who would talk and get us in trouble. Maggie and I shared stalker boys. We all had great fun at the various sports events…ArJay just makes a game fun. Maggie and ArJay got married 4 months after Cameron and I and we lived just down the road from each other. We all ended up being done with school there at the same time and both ended up down in Tucson, again just down the road from each other. They’ve been our card game buddies, our late night movie buddies and some of our favorite friends. Now we live in separate states and we don’t see nearly enough of each other. It was fun to go down and spend some time with them. I was worried about the summer Tucson weather, but we had 2 days of beautiful clouds and wonderful temperatures. 

Alianna was seriously the most beautiful newborn baby I’ve ever seen. Cameron and I were instantly smitten with her. She’s such a funny and sweet little girl. 

Kendall is pure boy. He’s a hoot. I love his red hair and round face. He’s just adorable. 

Makin’ his Daddy proud. 

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  1. ArJay Gamble

    August 28th, 2012 at 6:56 pm

    Oh marquette! These are amazing! And I feared up a little reading that sweet little intro