Nov 10, 2014

A Road Trip to Come Unto Christ

This year’s theme for the Young Women and Young Men programs at church was “Come unto Christ and be perfected in Him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness;” (Moroni 10:32). All year I’d been thinking about the idea of a Road Trip along with the Come Unto Christ theme and was excited when I was able to talk the other women into the idea as well for our end of the year Young Women in Excellence program.

Last night we had our “Road Trip to Come unto Christ” program, and I’m pleased with how it turned out. We combined our ward with the two other wards in town to up the numbers and help them get to know the other youth in town. I thought I would share some ideas from our program and what we did as the road trip theme will work really well with 2015’s Embark theme.

For the invitations I found some amazing free printables from Hang a Ribbon on the Moon. I combined two of her designs and then found a cute car and trailer scrapbook sticker online that I loved and made my own version on Photoshop using them as my inspiration.

We had the program split into two parts. The first part was the Road Trip. The 2nd Counselor in our Presidency introduced the road trip theme and talked about how we are all on a road trip in our life trying to make it back to be with our Father in Heaven and with Christ. Just like there are things that make an actual road trip easier, we have spiritual tools that help us in our spiritual road trip. From there the three wards each presented three road trips items, told how they help during a trip, and then related them to the gospel. They brought the actual road trip item with them and after the spoke they put the item in a suitcase (I have a big, old, cream Samsonite suitcase that we used, propping the lid up with a large framed photo of the Savior as the focus).

  • A plan/Itinerary: If we start on a road trip without a plan, we could end up anywhere. We could end up in places we don’t want to be. Even if we have a destination in mind, we can’t get there without following things in order. In life we need to have our destination clear. We need to have Christ as our destination. Then we need to follow the plan he has laid out for us.
  • An Emergency Kit: We don’t ever want a flat tire, or to have car trouble, but sometimes it happens. When it does happen an emergency kit is so wonderful to have to get us back up and running and on the road. In life we don’t want to make mistakes and get off track, but it happens to every single one of us. Through Christ’s Atonement we can repent and get back on track. 
  • Things to do in the Car: On long road trips it can be so much more enjoyable to have things to do. Books to read, music to listen to, games to play, pillows to sleep on, etc. They make the road trip more enjoyable. God has given each of us talents and interests. They are here to help our life be more enjoyable, and for us to help make other’s lives better. We need to choose to use them well. Not all music is good and uplifting. Not all books are worth reading. 
  • A Map/GPS: We we set off to a new destination, we need to know how to get there. A map will keep us on track if we follow it. If we get off, we can always tune back into the map/GPS and find new routes or ways to get back to the intended route. God has given us the Holy Ghost to guide us and keep us on track, but we have to listen and be willing to follow the direction we receive. When we get off track, we have to stop where we are, and do what we need to be able to have the Holy Ghost with us and then follow the instructions we receive to get our life back on the path to Heavenly Father and Christ. 
  • Gas: You won’t get very far without gas in your car. When the car runs low on gas it sputters and stalls. When we let our faith go too long without refueling, we can feel ourselves start to sputter and if we go too long we stall spiritually. We have to keep our Faith strong and refueled or we won’t get anywhere. 
  • Food: A car trip gets long and everyone gets cranky if there is no food through the trip. We need to feed our bodies! God has given us scriptures and we have been asked to “Feast on the words of Christ, for behold the words of Christ will tell you all things what ye should do.” (2 Nephi 32:3). We need to daily read our scriptures and feed our spirits just like we need to daily feed our bodies. 
  • Friends & Family: A solo road trip can be exciting at first, but it gets pretty lonely along the way. It is much more enjoyable to see Niagara Falls with your family. Disneyland is much more fun with friends by your side. We then take tons of pictures so we can share our trip with the friends and family that we couldn’t be with. Imagine how lonely and sad it would be to go on a trip by yourself, to not have anyone to share pictures with, and to have no one to remember the things you did and learned. We have our friends and family here on earth to help us, to keep us going strong, and to make life better. We can have eternal families! 
  • Clothes: It would be a pretty stinky car trip if we only wore the clothes we had with us and didn’t bring any clothes with us to change into. We bring clothes that will be appropriate for the places we are traveling. We don’t bring a parka and gloves to go visit the beach in Florida. We don’t bring flip flops and a bathing suit to visit the Arctic. God has asked us to dress appropriately and to respect our bodies. When we are modest we are showing gratitude and respect for ourselves, as well as respect to those around us. 
  • Phone: It is so nice to be able to call people while on the road for directions, to let them know when we’re arriving, to ask questions, or to just connect and visit. Having that open line is wonderful. We have an open line to God with prayer. We can visit with him, ask for directions, seek answers to questions, and stay connected. 
After their presentations I spoke briefly about how we can develop these skills and tools in our life, and how the Personal Progress program gives a wonderful “manual” of how to strengthen each of these aspects of our lives. After that the young women then presented a Personal Progress goal they completed (the 2nd part of the program). 
The Young Women all sang Jenny Phillips “Come Unto Christ” song, and then the refreshments were road trip snacks. 
Third Ward handled the decorations. They had TONS of little Hotwheel cars all across the stage. They used black and yellow duct tape to make roads leading in from the doors to the seating area. They had printed out road signs (One Way, Caution, Refueling Station, Curves Ahead, etc.) and had those on long dowels and sticking out of mason jars of rice. On the display tables they had name cards for each girl’s project/display with a “Do Enter” sign and the temple spires on them. It was the perfect touch! 
I should have taken pictures, but it ended up being a little hectic on my end that night, so you will have to use you imagination. 

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