Nov 15, 2014

Jake, Trisha, and Colbie

I first met Trisha and Jake when I did the Shelley Family Portraits in 2012. I didn’t get much time around them, but I liked them a lot. I really wanted to visit with Trisha, but it was their family gathering for the holidays, so I felt awkward inviting myself into the festivities. Well, here it is almost 2 years later and they now live here in town! It may just be for a short time, but I’m loving having the chance to visit with Trisha and get to know her. For 6 weeks she was my health coach for a health/weight loss challenge and helped me lose 10 pounds! If you need a great health coach (you don’t have to be in the area), get in contact with her!
We met up for pictures in the morning and spent time wandering through Big Ditch Park (I know…it sounds like it would be a gross place…big ditch? But it’s one of my favorite places in town), and then up the Yankie Street Art district. Silver City is beautiful this time of year!

Trisha couldn’t find a cardigan for Colbie that she liked, so she made this one! Talented! The ruffles in back are adorable.

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