Nov 3, 2014

Nielson Family

In past years I never thought of Willcox as a pretty place, but the more time I spend there the more I am finding I like it! I love the desert, the orchards, the farms, the cowboy atmosphere, and the families I am meeting there. Not too long ago Darrow and I spent a morning with the Nielson family for their family photos. They were so easy going and friendly. As soon as Emmitt, one of the twins, got out of the car he ran over and gave me a big hug. We were friends right away.  The whole morning was spent racing, dropping leaves over the bridge, singing the Alligator song, doing the Superman pose, and eating M&M’s and goldfish…oh, and taking pictures!

They were so cute and sweet about holding hands on the way out. What a good group of siblings!

I love these tender moments with Mom with each of the kids.

Oh they were excited when Dad started tossing them! They loved it!

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