Dec 31, 2014

101 Things in 2014 Report

Well, it’s the end of 2014, time for the 101 Things report. I had 101 goals for the year spelled out, but I just barely made it half way. Of the 101 goals I accomplished 51 of them completely. I would have loved for better numbers, but that’s 51 more accomplished goals in life, so I’m happy.

This was a year of huge growth, changes, trials, and joys. Some goals went unfinished due to changed aims. Some went unfinished because some things just have had to be put aside in the life of being a new mom. Some went unfinished because this has not been a great year for self-discipline or action. It’s a little embarrassing that I didn’t do some of these goals.

Things left undone:

  1. Season the Dutch Oven
  2. Make 5 things in the dutch oven
  3. Make/try 5 new beverages
    1. Butterbeer
  4. Make 5 new kinds of bread/rolls
    1. Parmesan Rolls
  5. Crochet Viking hats for each of us
  6. Finish 10 sewing projects (hand sewn or machine sewn)
    1. Infinity Scarf/Nursing Cover for Diedre
    2. Baby Skirts for Grace and Sharlee
    3. Baby Blanket for Mallory
    4. Bow Ties and Hair Flowers for Tierney Children
    5. Bow Ties for Darrow
    6. Taggie Blanket
    7. Bow Ties for Nephews
    8. Bow Tie and Suspenders for Darrow for Family Photos
  7. Prepare meals ahead of time (freezer or dry canned)
  8. Make a set of place mats
  9. Try making laundry soap
  10. Make 5 Christmas decorations by September
  11. Make it all the way through the hymn book while doing dishes
    1. Either I needed to do dishes more, or I needed to sing more…or both. 
  12. Send Happy Mail
  13. Put together our 72-hour kits
  14. Memorize 10 scriptures
  15. Type up 5 old journals
  16. Get to 160 lbs
  17. Take snowy pictures
    1. Where’s the snow 2014?! Really?! 
  18. Read 10 books
    1. The Crocodile in the Sandbank
    2. On Guard
    3. Shadow of a Life
    4. Big in Japan
    5. The Paper Magician
    6. Dealing with Dragons
  19. Finish the Quilt for our room
  20. Take “school” pictures of Heber
  21. Take “school” pictures of Lizzy
  22. Keep up with the 365 project for 30 consecutive days
  23. Post to this blog at least twice a month (now that the blogs are combined, post up 2 craft/art posts a month)
    1. January: 2
    2. February: 2
    3. March: 4
    4. April: 5 craft/art posts
    5. May: 8 craft/art posts
    6. June: 3 craft/art posts
    7. July: 0
    8. August: 1
    9. September: 1
    10. October: 0
    11. November: 2
    12. December: 2
    13. Finish learning “Within”
    14. Take portraits of Mom
    15. Go through one of the Latin books all the way through
    16. Do the Love Dare
    17. Spend one week where I post nothing about me on social media and only highlight positives about others (posting something up every day, but it can’t have anything to do with me).
      1. I didn’t ever do a solid week of this, sadly. I tried to do it more during the year, but I never did a solid week. 
    18. Have a Pinstrosity Meeting once a month
    19. Have family scripture time every day for a week. 
    20. Have family scripture time every day for 2 weeks. 
    21. Write in my journal at least once a week for a month. 
    22. Get a zenfolio account going
    23. Make the bed every day for a week
    24. Make the bed every day for 2 weeks
    25. Keep the inside of the car clean for a month
    26. Use everything from one “shipment” of Bountiful Baskets
      1. Man, this one is hard! There’s always something that goes bad before we can get to it. 
    27. Meet the inactive Young Women
      1. I met some of them, but not all of them
    28. Get at least one Personal Progress experience done a month
    29. Finish all the required Personal Progress Value Experiences
    30. Make a new Christmas wreath
    31. Complete 3 blankets
      1. Mallory’s Baby Blanket
    32. Completely read at least one book of scripture 
    33. Hike over the hill with Cameron
    34. Have Wayne & Cinda over for dinner
    35. Rewrite one fairy tale
    36. Finish my essay on prayer
    37. Finish my essay on marriage
    38. Don’t eat out for 30 consecutive days
    39. Set up an etsy shop with Cameron
    Things I accomplished:
    1. Make goals for Pinstrosity with Em
      1. January 3
    2. Go bowling
      1. January 11
    3. Revamp the Photography Blog
      1. January 22
    4. Finish a quilt
      1. Mallory’s Baby Quilt
    5. Visit Ryan and Llisel
      1. January 19-20
    6. Visit somewhere new
      1. Rio Rico, AZ January 19
      2. Tumacacori, January 20
    7. Designate a cupboard as the Food Storage Cupboard and begin stocking it
      1. January 23
    8. Return to the Piano Group
      1. January 23
    9. Take a class
      1. Tote Bag Class at Aunt Judy’s, January 29
    10. Take a class at Aunt Judy’s
      1. Tote Bag Class at Aunt Judy’s, January 29
    11. Get the tree and Christmas decorations down before February
      1. January 30
    12. Start piano lessons
      1. February 12
    13. Make Valentines
      1. February 14
    14. Olympics with the Gambles!
      1. February 14-17!
    15. Get one thing in one car fixed
      1. The license plate light on Ramon now works
    16. Go on a Darrowless date
      1. February 20: John McCutcheon Concert
    17. Do a St. Patti’s Day/Vernal Equinox Dinner
      1. March 17
    18. Make a hat for Darrow
      1. Sheep hat
    19. Use food we have canned/frozen
      1. Peaches in peach cobbler
    20. Send Brigham a package
      1. March 18
    21. Hand write a letter to Brigham
      1. March 18
    22. Visit Grandma and Grandpa Payne
      1. March 27
    23. Visit Grandma Sharon
      1. March 27
    24. Go camping
      1. March 28
    25. Visit White Sands
      1. March 29
    26. Make a spring/summer table runner
      1. April 22
    27. Keep up with the laundry (that means no piles of laundry anywhere, clean or dirty!) for 2 weeks
      1. 2 week mark on May 2nd!
    28. Give extra clothes away
      1. May 2nd
    29. Go a month without missing a Pinstrosity post on my days
      1. May 14th marked a whole one month period without me missing a day. I was late a few times, but didn’t miss any of my days! 
    30. Go dancing
      1.  Youth Dance in January
      2. Youth Dance in May
      1. Cook something out of the Prickly Pear cookbook
        1. Nopales Tostadas. Meh. 
        2. Desert Dawn Pie. Good, but not amazing. 
      2. Make the d-arrow brand sign for Darrow’s room
        1. May 20:
      3. Learn a new hair do
      4. Exercise every day for a week
      5. Go sugar free for one week
      6. Go on a hike with Darrow and Cameron
        1. June 17:
      7. Don’t eat out for a week
        1. June 17-24
      8. Visit Grandma and Grandpa Mower
        1. July 4-7
      9. Have a flower bed survive until the Monsoons
        1. It’s still there…but the squirrels are sure doing a number on it. 
      10. Clean out the deep freezer
      11. Make a video for Pinstrosity
      12. Don’t eat out for 2 weeks
      13. Take pictures on the dry lake bed
        1. August 26, 2014
      14. Keep the computer desk clean for 2 weeks
        1. September 11, 2014
      15. Can and/or freeze food
        1. Green Chile!
      16. Try 10 new dinner recipes
        1. Summer Nights Eggplant (kinda blah…not a fan). 
        2. Creamy Pesto Pasta Sauce
        3. Spoon Bread Tamale Pie
        4. Nopales Tostada
        5. Crockpot Faux Hawaiian Haystacks
        6. Mole
        7. Cafe Rio Tomatillo Dressing over Shredded Chicken and Cilantro Lime Rice
        8. Creamy Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Soup
        9. Greek Lemon Soup
        10. Chicken Chile Tomato Soup
      17. Take rainy pictures
      18. Have family portraits taken
        1. by Erin, Sept. 26
      19. Make 12 new kinds of cookies or treat(one each month?)
        1. January 25: Cake Batter Truffles
        2. February 18: Caramels
        3. Faux Key Lime Jello Pudding Pie
        4. Easy S’mores
        5. Desert Dawn Pie
        6. Cream Cheese Buttercream frosting, from scratch!
        7. Butter Pecan cupcakes
        8. Buckeye Bark
        9. Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes
        10. Buttermilk Pie
        11. Snickerdoodle Bars
        12. Cinnamon Bun Cake Pops
      20. Go sugar free for two weeks
      21. Get to 165 lbs

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