Feb 7, 2015

Capture Real Life: Good Morning, Good Night

This first week of Capturing Real Life we were tasked with the theme of “Good Morning, Good Night”, focusing on trying to get our white balance correct. White balance is something I struggle with a lot. I’m not happy with the outcome of the preset white balance settings on my camera, so I try and change it up manually and sometimes I get it, other times I don’t. It can be so frustrating to get it where it looks right on my camera screen but when I pull them up on a computer they have too much magenta in them. Sigh. But, I am working on it a lot and have learned a lot the past few years. With the theme of “Good Morning, Good Night” I was shooting in lower light situations, which pushed me to really nail the white balance, maximize window light (opening up those heavy curtains we normally keep closed in the winter to keep the cold out), and find ways to depict what I wanted to depict. 
Our mornings around here are pretty nondescript, but I love them. 5 out of 7 days a week Darrow wakes up and just chatters to himself for a while until calling to us that he’s ready to get up and out for the day (the other 2 he just wakes up and starts hollering). Lately when we go in and flip on the light he immediately “feels” it. It makes him so happy!

I know this week was about getting the right white balance and color, but I couldn’t resist turning a few black and white. They just asked for it!

On rare occasion I actually get up and make breakfast. When I say rare occasion, we’re talking once or twice a month rare. I do love breakfast food, I just hate getting up early. But it’s something I’m working on.

I realized this week how nice it is to have something yummy to eat while I do my morning study. We’re doing a fabulous study in Bible Study (more on that in my last post). Some days I study in the morning, and other times I study in the evening. Either way though, it sure makes a difference in my day. One perk to morning study I found though is that I feel motivated to have breakfast to feed my stomach while I’m feeding my spirit.

In the past week and a half Cameron and Darrow have caught bugs. First it was Cameron’s cold, then Darrow caught croup, and finally the stomach bug. Darrow has spent a lot of time in bed with us where we could all just snuggle up and rest.

I had other ideas for things I wanted to do for “Good Morning, Good Evening” but with the sickies it just wasn’t a normal week. Maybe this next week I’ll be able to add those in. 

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  1. Frøken Lyngsø

    January 9th, 2016 at 4:07 pm

    So beautiful photos! Great work – i especially like the black/white ones and how you captured the calm sleepiness in a few of your photos as well 🙂

    Best regards, Kristina