Feb 23, 2015

Swimming Lessons

Today marks the end of my second Meltdown Challenge! It was a 6 week long health challenge that helps people learn how to implement healthy habits, add more movement to their life, and reach or maintain a healthy weight. I’ve loved these challenges. They are fun and exactly the kind of support that works well with my personality and motivation. 
I’m feeling pretty pleased with with my progress. It wasn’t drastic, but it’s made a big difference to me. 

As I’ve done this Meltdown challenge I’ve realized that health is so much more than just my weight or my physical body. It’s physical, mental, spiritual, financial, etc. Fixing just one area and neglecting the rest doesn’t work. This really has been an eye opening process, a redefining process that has permeated every aspect of my life. It’s interesting how everything has converged all at once; it shows me God is orchestrating this. I’m getting the same message everywhere I go. Bible Study. The Health Challenge. My personal for fun reading. My “self-help” books I’ve felt pulled to. The blogs I’ve happened on. Decorating books. The people I’ve had conversations with lately. I’ve been going along thinking I was doing great, but with a few experiences I’ve realized I’m merely surviving. I want to thrive. I want to my body to be thriving and fit and healthy. I want my emotional state to be stable and happy. I want to have my testimony firm and my relationship with God personal and strong. I want my marriage to be closer and better. I want my home to be a place where we feel like we are able to grow and find comfort.

Changing habits can be hard, and sometimes painful. Learning more deeply about my shortcomings and weaknesses isn’t pleasant. Working on my fitness makes me sore and tired. But seeing where I am right now compared to where I was 6 weeks ago is amazing, and I feel like I’ve just barely just dipped my toe in the beach entry end of the pool. I have a long ways to go until I’m swimming, but as of right now I’m no longer sitting on the bench watching others swim. The next round of this challenge (now only 4 weeks and starting the first of every month instead of 6 weeks with a long break between) is coming up March 1st, and I’m excited for the added motivation and help to keep pushing me further towards the deep end of the pool.

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