Mar 20, 2015

Landon and Rachel’s Chiricahua Wedding

I have spent some time each summer in the Chiricahua Mountains nearly every year of my life. These mountains are gorgeous! I love the cliffs, the plants, the birds, the grass, the trees, all of it. They just make me happy being in them. When I was asked to step in as the backup photographer for this wedding I was beyond excited. This was going to be fun! I got in contact with my friend Trisha to see if she could come help me shoot and started getting plans put together. The day of the wedding was beautiful. Just a slight hint of chill, but gorgeous light and a light breeze to float the veil. It was perfect!
The wedding was held at the Southwest Research Station near Portal, AZ, and the view was lovely.

The family all pulled together to get the backdrop just how the bride wanted it. I loved the burlap and tulle with the baby’s breath and pine. The doors and nearby sign were a gift from Landon, the groom, for his bride. I loved the look it gave to the ceremony area. When we pulled in Landon was there with his drill putting the finishing touches on everything so it would be just right. I loved seeing the groom there working with everyone to make the magic happen.




While Rachel was showering and drying her hair, Trisha and I had a chance to take the detail pieces and get some fun shots. Rachel’s ring is gorgeous!






It’s a little hard to read in that picture, but the medallion on the flower girl’s necklace says, “Today you are young, but soon you’ll be grown, so here is something “old” to carry on the wedding day of your own.” I thought that was so cute!



Rachel is absolutely stunning. She has such an elegant beauty and grace about her!







I’ve never seen a groom more excited and “beaming” than Landon was that morning. He was so ready for this.

















After Landon and Rachel walked down the aisle as husband and wife, they just kept on walking. No one was really sure where they were going or if we were all supposed to follow and do the group pictures in a different spot, so finally Trisha and I followed them. They’d just wanted a few quiet moments together, and we spoiled it…Sorry!! But Landon’s face when we found them was pretty priceless.

We slipped back up with the rest of the group and visited while the bride and groom had a few moments. After a few minutes they were back and ready for pictures.
















The little ring bearer was adorable and was NOT okay with us! He did not want us looking at him, pointing our cameras at him, or anything. Made me laugh!


Rachel and Landon were so good together, and so natural in front of the camera. They are adorable and up for whatever we asked of them. With their nerves they weren’t hungry at all so while the guests ate we shot and shot and shot. How many times do you get unlimited shooting time, a willing couple, a gorgeous location, and perfect weather?! Seriously, the stars all aligned for this wedding.




































 Talk about a chill bride! She laughed when the bouquet fell in the creek.








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