Mar 27, 2015

The Montes Family

The Montes family shoot ended up being a double shoot. The first day we tried, the boys wanted to be doing anything but having a camera pointed at them. It was too early in the morning, some weren’t feeling well, and it just was too much. We managed to snap a few good shots, but it just wasn’t working. I could tell Amanda left feeling frustrated and disappointed, and I knew I wasn’t satisfied with the shots I got. Once I was home I got in contact with Amanda and we set up another day for a 2nd shoot. This time we both had learned. We scheduled a more relaxed evening shoot and crossed our fingers. I knew this run was going to be better when I was met with a big hug from one of the boys right away. That evening was fun! They played ball, picked dandelions, ran on the bleachers, and enjoyed the beautiful evening. That was the experience I want my families to have! I want a good memory attached to good photos. I’m not just interested in delivering good enough photos, I want to create a good memory and good feelings so that when they look back on their photos they don’t just see a nice photo, they remember how that evening felt and the love of their family. That’s why I do photography. Preserving joy is so much fun!


Willcox, AZ Family Photographer

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