Apr 17, 2015

Capture Real Life: Expressions

I fell quite a bit behind on my Capture Real Life in 52 Weeks class but am working to get caught back up, so the next few Capture Life posts will be out of order as far as the class goes, but that’s okay. For week 11 the idea was to capture the expressions of the people we love. The example given was really simple, but really neat. A plain background, minimal props, and many expressions. We had my nephew and niece with us for a few days so I decided to pull them in on the fun and we spent a morning working on expressions. It was fun to try to tell stories that would get reactions of different emotions from my nephew, and figure out how to capture different emotions in one setting for a 14 month old and a (nearly) 18 month old. I do love many of the shots from that morning. I love the emotion in some of them. I love that there are these photos now freezing the expressions of some of these kids in my life. 

I don’t know what that expression is on the left (in the photo above), but I love it. I think that may be my favorite shot of Darrow from that morning.

Yes…leaving is an expression now that Darrow has discovered walking. This wouldn’t be “real” without documenting that aspect of him at this stage in his life.

And the name of the next expression is The Steve Urkel (aka, “Did I do that?”).

Looks like it’s time to craft again and give another lamp an updo!

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