Aug 20, 2015

McDonald Family

The last shoot in Silver City before we moved was amazing! The lighting was soft and dreamy, the rains had greened up the ranch tremendously, the “fried egg” flowers were everywhere, and the McDonald’s were gorgeous (as usual!). It was such a perfect combination. Finishing up these photos today makes me miss “home”! This family is amazing. Strong, hard working, kind, talented, funny, and just wonderful. 

There as an honorary member of the family was Kysia, Emily’s friend from Utah. Kysia has come down twice now to go to Girls Camp with Emily, and since I was the ward Camp Director each of those times, I got to get to know her some too. She’s fun and vibrant and just shines. She and Emily are such a fun pair. Both vibrant, funny, and wonderful. We of course had to get some shots with Kysia too.

By this time Sam was done, but he had to wait just a little longer for some “silliness” and flowers. 

Lizzy loved the flowers and spent some time gathering petals to throw. It had such a cool effect!

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