Sep 18, 2015

2nd Shooting for the Sunshine Picture Project: Carson and Whitney’s Albuquerque LDS Temple Wedding

Having friend-tographers is absolutely fabulous. Having the chance to bounce ideas off each other, share ideas, squeal over each others photos, and shooting together makes me so excited. It makes weddings extra fun! Erin, with the Sunshine Picture Project, and I ended up doing a swap for each other with photos. She came and did the photographs for my family when my brother came home from his two-year church mission, and I second shot for her at one of her weddings. 
I love getting the chance to second shoot. It’s so fun to see how other photographers handle weddings, the ideas and flow they use, and getting to look for side angles while they take on the main shots. I always learn something fun and new!

In July, Erin was the photographer for Carson and Whitney’s wedding at the Albuquerque LDS Temple. As there is no photograph during the actual ceremony our job was to capture as many portraits as we could.

We started the evening with their First Look, and then moved straight into portraits. Carson was happy and excited and cool…until he could hear her coming and then we got just a glimpse of nervousness. That melted away as soon as he saw her! 

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