Sep 16, 2015

America the Beautiful Pass: Petrified Forest National Park

Our 2nd stop with our new America the Beautiful Pass was the Petrified Forest National Park. We went in the middle of a hot day so the light was intense, the temperature was higher than we liked, and Darrow was cranky. So we just did the driving tour and didn’t get out to do any of the trails. We realized though that this is one benefit of this park pass. We don’t have to max out these “local” parks all in one day. We can come back and hit up trails and get different light on other visits. It’s such a freeing concept! I can’t wait to come back in early morning or evening light and see the colors really shine out. 

I look super classy here. My hair actually looked great down for once since moving here, but it was just too hot. Oh well. This picture here is about the happiest he was that whole time. It was awesome. But, we enjoyed the scenery anyway.

This guy was awesome. He came pretty close…especially when Darrow threw a cracker. Or maybe I threw one of Darrow’s crackers. But probably not. That’d be irresponsible and feeding the wildlife and we all know we’re not supposed to do that. 😉

So far we’re at $20 of use out of our $80 pass. 1/4 of the way to breaking even, and we plan on doing much better than just breaking even. This pass is so fun!

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