Sep 16, 2015

Zachary & Victoria’s Deming NM Homestead Wedding

When Victoria contacted me about shooting her wedding I was beyond excited. We went to the same high school (the one year I went to Animas High) a few grades apart, and I remembered how put together and gorgeous she was then. I was sure this was going to be phenomenal. And it was!! This was such a dream wedding in so many ways.

After storming all evening we had beautiful light cloud cover making for such soft and perfect light. It was stunning! I’d been to Deming, NM before, but I had never been to the property where the wedding was to be held. The ceremony and portraits took place on the Hurt family ranch and homestead. I expected desert and mesquite, as is usual for the area. I had no idea I’d step into a dream land. I sure didn’t feel like I was in Deming, NM, or even New Mexico at all for that matter. When I mentioned that to Mrs. Hurt she said, “This is where the fairies live.” I’m a believer!


The setting was beautiful, and the touches they gave it just finished it off. It was the perfect set up.




I was grateful for all the green, the light, and the vines. It was the perfect place for all the detail shots.






Victoria did her hair and makeup in one of the side houses, but when it came time for the finishing touches we headed to her father’s boyhood bedroom. It was such a sweet touch!


The bridesmaids, groomsmen, and groom all arrived on site and ready for pictures after a few quick touch ups.


I’ve witnessed a few First Looks with weddings I have shot or watched, but this had to be the most touching one I’ve seen yet. After waiting over 8 years for this day to get here, they were so sweet, emotional, and tender!





Victoria, true to my memory of her in high school, had everything all lined out down to the order of group shots, who was in each shot, and what was going on. She is efficient! With the help of two of my talented friend-tographers (Erin and Trisha), we split the list between us and just giggled as we got to be a part of this beautiful day.




















The little Ring Bearer wasn’t bashful at all, but the Flower Girl was quite timid. I was so tickled when Erin was finally able to coax a few shots out of her! These are just adorable!





Just before breaking from the Bridal Party and some Family shots, the parents, Pastor, and Bridal Party circled the couple for a prayer before the main body of guests arrived and the final ceremony prep began. It was such a sweet, reverent, touching moment that morning!











She really did not want to go down the aisle. It took a lot of coaxing and prodding before she made her way down.













































Following the ceremony, everyone was invited into town for the luncheon and reception. I’ve never wanted to take home the wedding decorations more than I did that afternoon! Copper, peach, orange, brown, turquoise, and greens…it was perfect!







I loved that instead of the traditional cake, they served pies at the reception. They were beautiful and the guests LOVED them!














As Zac and Victoria don’t drink, they got creative for the toasts. They had ice cold buckets full of just about every flavor of bottle soda you could imagine. Everyone pretty much had their favorite. It was the coolest touch!!



To finish off the afternoon, “The Shoe Game” was brought out. I’d seen this on Pinterest, but never witnessed it in real life. It was fabulous! They each had one of their own shoes, and one of each other’s shoes and sat back to back. They were asked questions such as, “Who is the better driver?” “Who is more organized?” “Who’s the luckiest?” and they both answered by holding up the corresponding shoe. It was hilarious and so fun!




All in all, it was an absolutely perfect day. I loved every single bit of it. Congratulations Victoria and Zac! You are phenomenal!

Wedding Planner | Victoria did it herself! She’s amazing!
Wedding Dress Designer | Oleg Cassini
Wedding Dress Store | David’s Bridal
Bride’s Shoes | David’s Bridal
Bouquet Florist| Chandler’s Flowers
Bridesmaid’s Dress | David’s Bridal
Men’s Suits |  Men’s Wearhouse
Reception Florist | DIY
Reception Location | Mimbres Valley Learning Center
Catering | Fancy Fixin’s, Faye Hyatt
Assistant Photographers || Erin with the Sunshine Picture Project and Trisha with Trisha Shelley Photography

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