Oct 13, 2015

Fall Color Camping near Flagstaff AZ

This past weekend we took a very random and last minute camping trip up into the San Francisco Mountains. Between deciding to go and getting on the road took 30 minutes, and we found our camping site (we wanted to be in prime position to see the fall colors when the sun came up) just after sunset with the perfect amount of light to get camp set up.

This was our first camping trip as a family since Darrow was born. How did we wait almost 2 years?! Sad day. But we’re glad we finally did it. It was chilly, but not bad. We enjoyed the fire, our bean burritos (because when you have to get out the door fast you don’t have time to plan good camping food…and it was cheap), and the stars. Oh man the stars! They were absolutely spectacular!!!






See the Andromeda Galaxy in the photo above?! The “smudge” just above and to the right of the center of the photo is the galaxy! That’s the most distant object you can see with your unaided eye.

We learned that night that we’re either too old to sleep on the ground with no mattress or padding, or we’re just wussies. We’re pretty sore still! Darrow had a nice padded bed, but he kept rolling off onto the cold floor and didn’t sleep well. He was pretty cranky in the morning and wanted out of the tent, until we got out and then he wanted back in. Oh well.

We got to work putting camp away when the sun started to peak over the hills, and suddenly the side of the mountain was ablaze with color! We picked the perfect spot!

The rest of the morning we spent doing the Round the Mountain driving tour to see the rest of the Fall colors offered up this year. It was such a pretty and clear morning!






We did stop up on top of the mountain to do some hiking. We had a two mile trail picked but only made it down about 1/4 mile at most before Darrow was just done and we decided we’d head into town for his sake. It wasn’t as long as we’d hoped to go, but it was just right for him and we still got to see some gorgeous aspen!

This little guy was leaping from tree to tree around us. It was so fun to watch him “fly”!!


I didn’t even know I had a smudge on my nose till we got back to the car!


We are sore, I have laundry to do, and we’re still catching up on sleep, but we’re so glad we went! It was fun to get out and see more of this area, spend family time together, and make some memories!

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  1. Rachel

    October 14th, 2015 at 4:56 am

    The photos of the stars at night are just simply amazing! Gives me more reason to venture north from Tucson from time to time! Yay for AZ!

  2. Marquette

    October 14th, 2015 at 5:26 am

    Thank you! Once you clear the city lights, the skies here sure do light up!