Oct 16, 2015

The New Family Portrait Guide!

A photographer I follow (and maybe even drool over…and have dreamt about a few times…I may or may not be obsessed) created a beautiful Wedding Experience Guide she sends to all of the brides that book her. It’s beautiful and filled with such amazing information to help a bride plan her wedding and to make it as photogenic as possible.

I knew that someday I wanted to have a bridal guide to send out to brides that book me. But then I had the thought that I should have one for my families and seniors as well!  Mom’s are busy and have so much on their mind already, I wanted something to make planning their session easier!  I send out an email with information and tips usually, but  who wants to sit and read a dense email? Not me! So now all the information about how I shoot, outfit tips, picking locations, and photo delivery details are lined out magazine style. I’d way rather flip through a magazine and digest the information in smaller chunks alongside pictures than try and work through an essay.

So yesterday I finally finished my family guide to send to families who book sessions! I’m so excited with how it turned out, and I’m hoping it’ll be helpful to my #lareefamilies!

Now I’m itching to dive into my senior guide and bridal guide!!

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