Nov 23, 2015

Kody & Anna || Chandler, AZ: The Grove

There are times when the stars just align and everything falls together perfectly. A week ago I had no idea that I’d be making a quick trip down to Phoenix that Saturday. On Thursday that all changed in a flurry of messages, and suddenly I had plans to go pick up a friend just home from her Peace Corps service in Tanzania, see the new Hunger Games movie with a bestie, and to do a sunrise session with a fun new couple.

When Anna & Kody’s normal photographer was put on bed rest suddenly, they reached out to friends and family for suggestions. Lucky for me Anna and Kelly are sisters and Kelly gave her an instant referral over. Anna and I messaged back and forth and discovered that even with this being so last minute, it was all going to work out perfectly.

We met early Saturday morning at The Grove in Chandler, AZ just before the sun came up. It was quite a bit more chilly than I expected! It gave extra motivation for the cute snuggled up pictures!!

Anna and Kody make such a striking couple! They were so fabulous to be around. They laughed, talked, snuggled, and were so fun. There was no “warm up” period of awkwardness or stiffness in them at the start of the shoot. They jumped in with both feet and were great. Kody snuggled Anna and was so sweet to her, which made her all the more radiant and their chemistry just got better and better. I LOVED it!!

They brought along a few cases of Christmas ornaments to play with for the shoot as well. I loved the ideas they brought and that they let me pull in some ideas as well!

Aren’t they the cutest?! 

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