Nov 4, 2015

The Nielson Family || A Playful Discovery Park AZ Family Session

When Baby Kate was born Tracy contacted me about doing baby photos, but we couldn’t find a place and time that would work for both of us and sadly had to pass that by. So when Tracy jumped on the Fall Family Special I was extra excited! I loved their family session last year. They are such a happy and friendly family. And just like last year, as soon as I got over to their car Emmitt came over and gave me a huge hug. These kids are fabulous and so incredibly sweet! 

Braeden is such a good and patient older brother! He just gets in there with them, smiles, plays, and laughs!

Emmitt is a sweetheart! His smile melts you and his hugs are the best!

Aaliyah is a cutie! She was posing like a pro for me all through the shoot. 

And Baby Kate! She wasn’t real sold on the whole idea, but did fabulous anyway! The kids (well, the whole family!) all just adore her.

I wish I had another photographer with me on shoots with little kids so you could see the behind the scenes. Especially with the Nielsons! What you can see for the above photo is Brad running up behind me and jumping over the top of me and the kids to get them to look and smile!! It was hilarious!

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