Nov 4, 2015

Payne Family || A Sunset Virden NM Family Session

Brandon, Rosa, and Carver are seasoned clients. They are so fun and easy to get along with! Carver is a little ball of energy and just adores his Grandma (who for most of these shots is dancing behind me, singing silly songs, or jumping to get his attention and smiles). I’ve loved getting to meet up with them each year since Carver was born. They are so good to me and I love being around them!

The light that evening was beautiful! It was definitely the autumn glow light even though the trees are still fully green. It was just perfect! Brandon’s Mom is always so good to let us come use her yard for part of the shoot. It makes it fun for me too, because that is the same yard that my mother ran around and played in as a little girl!!

After playing in the yard for a little bit we took a ride to a side street in Virden to catch some road shots and get a different view of that portion of the Gila Valley.

With all adults looking out for traffic, we took to the road to see if we could get any “still” shots of Carver. We managed a few split second ones before he was off and running again!

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