Jan 4, 2016

101 Things in 2016

This is becoming a favorite tradition of mine! Welcome to the 7th annual 101 Things This Year post!

It’s fun to look back through each years list and see what I wanted to do, what I did do, and what my priorities were at the beginning of each year.

I’ve been excited to get this list written, but hesitant as well. There is so much I want to do, so much that could change, and so much fear. I have no idea what to expect out of 2016. And that’s affected this list. One list I started a few weeks back was 1/3 of the way done and mostly full of goals for business and blogging. Another list focused around motherhood. Both were done with pen and paper and I’ve lost them. Which brings me to this list.

I’m not dreading 2016, but I am afraid of it. Afraid of being a mother of 2, afraid of all that I will need to do with photography and The Academy, afraid of setting goals too high, afraid of not setting goals that will push me, afraid of being the homemaker, afraid of feeling lost. I worked hard on building a foundation last year, and my One Word for the year should help me along, but for some reason this year I am starting with more trepidation and worry than normal.

And that definitely has affected this list. It’s hard to write out 101 goals when you’re staring at life through lenses of fear. I don’t like it. And so I hope this list will be something I can use to help me push through the fear, through the standoffs, through the year.

With my One Word for 2016 being Intentional, I used that as my guide to come up with goals that will maybe help me be more intentional with motherhood, with building and defining my faith, with my marriage, with blogging, with photography, with Pinstrosity, etc. There are still wild cards in there, but this year I’m seeing what the list turns out like using my One Word as a guide.

Trying to be Intentional with my list, and trying to train myself to be intentional with my actions, this year you will see more of larger goals broken down into smaller bites and baby steps. In years past, some of the goals I didn’t complete never got checked off because they were big and I didn’t take the small steps needed to make progress on them. I wasn’t intentional.

But, enough explaining and disclaiming! On to the list!

  1. Visit the Gambles for the Olympics (as is the wonderful tradition!) 
  2. Finish the green crochet blanket
  3. Finish one quilt top
  4. Read scriptures for 3 days in a row
  5. Read scriptures daily for a week
  6. Read scriptures daily for two weeks
  7. Read scriptures daily for three weeks
  8. Read scriptures daily for a month
  9. Go on a date with Cameron
  10. Get knobs on the drawers of the dresser
  11. Read “No One Can Take Your Place” by Sheri Dew
  12. Blog daily for a week
  13. Reach 170 lbs
  14. Reach 165 lbs
  15. Reach 160 lbs
  16. Exercise for 3 days in a row
  17. Exercise for 6 days in a row
  18. Exercise each day (minus Sundays) for 2 weeks
  19. Cut sugar out of diet for 1 week
  20. Cut sugar out of diet for 2 weeks
  21. Make something decorative for our bedroom
  22. Fill out a daily docket every day for a week
  23. Participate in at least 10 of the Iron Craft Challenges
  24. Put together 8 freezer meals
  25. Get a fence put up for Darrow’s yard/play area
  26. Refrain from eating out for a month
  27. Finish the Business course in The Academy by March 17
  28. Make a mini car mat for Darrow
  29. Return Erin’s camera she let me borrow 
  30. Finish one Personal Progress experience or project each month
  31. Set up an organized system for Darrow’s toys/activities
  32. Declutter one item a week. 
  33. Have Family Home Evening at least once a month
  34. Have 10th Anniversary photos taken
  35. Put up an updated family photo on the wall
  36. Put up an updated photo of Cameron and I on the wall
  37. Clean out the computer paper box
  38. Clean out the computer cord/program box
  39. Get Darrow signed up for Navajo County Imagination Library
  40. Redesign the blog/website/fb page after going through the KJ course on Branding
  41. Complete the KJ course on Branding
  42. Get my hair trimmed/reshaped
  43. Have a picnic at McHood Park
  44. Hike down into the Little Painted Desert
  45. Get a new America the Beautiful Pass
  46. Visit the Grand Canyon
  47. Visit Wupatki 
  48. Visit Sunset Crater
  49. Buy PhotoMechanic
  50. Rewatch the Come Together Event 
  51. Take one idea from the Come Together Event and put it into practice every day for 2 weeks
  52. Make a 101 Things Planner (to keep track of monthly and weekly goals)
  53. Make or buy a daily blog planner (in calendar form to help visualize what is coming up)
  54. Create something new for the baby
  55. Make another mini-photo-album Quiet Book for Darrow
  56. Make a new food using Prickly Pear Juice
  57. Write up 2 weeks of posts to schedule after the baby arrives
  58. Make 10 freezer meals
  59. Have a family game night
  60. Get the shocks on the car replaced
  61. Complete Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #1 in personal accounts
  62. Complete Dave Ramsey’s Baby Step #1 in business account
  63. Write up a blog business plan for Pinstrosity
  64. For 1 Sunday stay off all social media/blogs
  65. For 2 Sundays in a row, stay off all social media/blogs
  66. Take a family walk 
  67. Revisit La Posada
  68. Make Mole
  69. Attend a Tuesdays Together in Phoenix
  70. Attend a Tuesdays Together in Albuquerque
  71. Read one business related book
  72. Read one finance related book
  73. Read one new fiction book
  74. Read one gospel/spiritual related book
  75. Do a craft project “with” Emilee for Pinstrosity
  76. Write up a blog post for each completed goal from this list. 
  77. Expand the Family Photo Experience Guide
  78. Set up electronic payments with Agree
  79. Buy and download the Mile IQ app
  80. Visit Tonto Natural Bridge State Park
  81. Make one improvement to the yard or outside of house
  82. Go to bed before 11pm every day for a week
  83. Mend 2 items out of the mending drawer
  84. Use the Food Dehydrator
  85. Eat or preserve everything in a regular basket of food from Bountiful Baskets
  86. Paint or stain the bed
  87. Fix my hair every day for a week (more than just a regular ponytail or just leaving it down and brushed). 
  88. Participate in a health challenge
  89. Go on a hike
  90. Try a new food
  91. Retry the honeycomb cake
  92. Make Cherries Jubilee
  93. Make cheese fondue
  94. Make a crochet basket from the book Abigail gave me
  95. Go on an overnight date with Cameron with no kids. 
  96. Work on the Queen Quilt 
  97. Finish all the Moda Sampler Shuffle Blocks
  98. Have a crafting day with Katie
  99. Celebrate a random holiday
  100. Have friends over for dinner
  101. Have friends over for dessert

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