Jan 16, 2016

The New Do by Adoration Studios

My Aunt recently wrote up a post about seeing her old artwork hanging in someone’s house, and how it is “sort of like seeing an old flame and realizing my taste has, thankfully, changed.” I feel this exact way with my blog. Thankfully I doubt old screenshots of past designs exist for people to stumble upon! 
Back in September I revamped the blog to go along with the launch of the website. I loved the design at the time and was pretty proud of it. But as I went along, saw other blogs, and read a little more about design and branding, I started to cringe a little every time I went on the blog. It looked so completely homespun and beginner when I wanted it to look professional, put together, and classy. 
But, I didn’t know what to do to change that. I don’t know enough about coding, and I’m definitely not a graphic designer, and there are other areas I want to spend the big bucks on right now. So I left it alone. 
And then, through my friend Ashley’s amazing blog, I discovered Adoration Studios, and my blogging world has changed! 
If you need a facelift for your Blogger blog, you need to go check out Lauryn’s designs at her Adoration Studios etsy shop. You won’t regret it! 
Lauryn has been absolutely fabulous to work with. To start with, her templates are amazing. And then her instructions walk you through every step of installing and customizing the template to fit your blog (some even come with free installation if you don’t want to do it yourself). When I ran into a snag with my photo sizes and the slideshow (the template I bought had a popular posts slideshow that I was trying to figure out how to convert to a recent posts slideshow), she was quick to answer questions and has worked hard to help me get the blog just where I want it to be. 
She’s a busy student up in Idaho, but she made me feel like her #1 customer and top priority. She was quick to respond and get to work with the customizations and was so sweet about everything. I wanted to bake her cookies…but I imagine they wouldn’t taste as good going through the mail from here to there. 
So, since I couldn’t take her cookies, as a thanks for all she did (and because now I’m just slightly hooked on making these blogs look amazing!), we now have a total of three of her templates to use on our blogs (I originally bought the Conrad and Chandler templates hoping to figure out how to mix and match the coding to get the features I wanted, but I couldn’t figure it out…so I ended up with an extra template to use and play with)! 
  • We just got her Forgotten template to update Cameron’s blog (he’s going to resurrect it to use as a high school science teachers resource, with hopes to turn it into the kind of resource for other teachers that he’s been searching for and not finding since starting up his teaching career). 
  • This blog runs on a customized Conrad template (we bought the customization pack to accompany the template). 
  • The family cooking blog runs on the straight Conrad template
  • And I’m still trying to decide just what to do with the Chandler template…maybe that’ll go on my “secret” personal growth/journal blog. Hmmm. 
And…she has a sale going on through till the end of January: 16% off in celebration of it being 2016! This takes templates down to between $10 and $17. 
Seriously, go check her out! You’ll love her designs.
She didn’t ask me to write this. I’m not getting paid or getting any deals for writing this. I just really appreciate her helping me get my blog(s) spiffed up, how she treated me when I had questions, how hard she worked on my customizations, and how everything has turned out. Thank you Lauryn!! 

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  1. Adoration Studios

    January 16th, 2016 at 5:58 pm

    You are just seriously the sweetest! I am so blessed to have worked with you! Thank you so much for your kind words, I really appreciate it all 🙂 You're great & I am just so happy you love your blog!