Feb 29, 2016

Meet Marquette: Why Photography

I could tell you the pretty normalish story about how I decided to become a photographer, but that doesn’t really get into the heart of WHY photography. 

Photography enables me to use skills and passions I have to help people. Not just to help them get photos on their walls (or lets be honest, on their facebook page-we all do it! Me especially!), but to help them.

Photography allows me to help strengthen families. 

Whether it’s a family of 32, a couple just starting out on their family journey as fiances, or anything in-between or beyond, every family is important. I want to remind married couples just how in love they are. I want families to want to spend time together. I want couples just starting out to have tools to help them build their relationship and family. 
Photography gives me the chance to get to know you, your spouse, your children, your fiance, your parents, etc, and gives me the chance to serve you. Through my time with you and every family I work with, posts on the blog, and the whole experience, I work to add strength to who you are and to your family.
Photography helps me help people feel good about themselves. 

Let’s face it. We’ve all had our days where we’re sure we’re kin to the troll under the bridge. We have days where we feel defeated. Days we feel dumb. If I can help someone feel good about themselves through the whole Marquette LaRee photography experience, my whole day is made! 
Photography grants our great-grandchildren a peek into the past.

Photos are some of the only heirlooms my family has, and they are incredibly treasured. One photo has surfaced in our family that shows an ancestor in my mother’s line with an ancestor in my father’s line. We had no idea they were friends! But they were good enough friends for these young men to take the time in the 1800’s to pose together and have a photograph created.

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