Feb 24, 2016

Wedding Wednesday: Fun Favor and Gift Ideas

One of the many perks to photographing weddings and events is getting to see all the amazing details and ideas that went into the wedding. It makes me want to throw parties all the time! I thought it would be fun to share some of the great ideas I’ve seen at weddings I’ve shot; people are so creative! I love all the personal spins and touches you can put into every detail! 
Favors and Gifts

I love favors that can actually be used! Little rolls of mints (these had tags that said “Mint to Be”) were the perfect take away from this fun reception.


Personalized bars of soap for your wedding?! Seriously, I loved this soap. It smelled heavenly. I love that they picked out a local soap maker for these (Udder Delight).


Rather than giving out bags of rice or birdseed to throw as the happy couple walks back down the aisle, this bride and groom gave out bags of lavender. It smelled so good!

Personalized Water Bottles
The bride prepared water bottles for her bridal party with their name, their role, a lotion, and their necklace for the wedding. I loved the idea! 
The Toasts
This couple didn’t drink and so having champagne or wine at their wedding for the toasts just didn’t fit. So instead they had buckets and buckets of ice cold glass botttled sodas of every variety for their guests to pick for the toasts. It was so cute and so personalized! 

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