Mar 29, 2016

Explore Where You Live: Horseshoe Bend

Do you remember when you were a kid and you went up to your mother while she was washing dishes and said those fateful words? You know the words I’m talking about…”I’m bored.” Suddenly you had a list of things to do so you wouldn’t be bored and you wished you’d just stayed where you were. You’d think we’d all have learned not to do that after the first time or three, but nope. Not so much. It took many many times to learn that if we were bored, and didn’t want to end up with a chore list, we had to fix that ourselves. 

I can’t say for sure when that lesson finally took, but it’s one we try to remember even now. Our mothers aren’t here to give us chore lists, but we know that if we wait for someone else to bust the boredom, we’ll be sitting on the couch for a long time. 
One of our very favorite ways to stay connected as a family, to cure slow weeks, to relieve stress, and to enjoy life is to go exploring where we live. 
I’ve never had huge ambitions to travel the world. I do however enjoy traveling the country, and I LOVE traveling around where we live to see what we can find and explore. This includes state parks, forest roads, local diners, national highways, and random historical neighborhoods. We love finding the little backwoods gems. We are huge proponents of exploring where you live. The town. The county. The region. The state. All of it! 
This past week we realized it had been way too long since we went exploring so we hopped in the car and headed off to Sunset Crater. And then we decided to take a back route and got to see some gorgeous cinder cone country. And then we didn’t even end up at Sunset Crater at all. 2 1/2 hours later we found ourselves in Page, AZ looking at Glen Canyon Dam and Horseshoe Bend. We’d been through Page many times, but neither of us had ever been to see Horseshoe Bend. 
We felt spontaneous. It felt like old times. It was fun and bonding. 

 This right here was Darrow’s very favorite part of the whole day. 

We don’t ever remember seeing this parking area so packed on the many trips through the area, but we’ve never really paid attention to it either. We almost didn’t stop because of how many people were there, but since seeing Horseshoe Bend was the main reason we ended up driving to Page, we decided it’d be dumb not to stop just because everyone else was there too.

This hill hiking down looked so easy from the top. Coming back up carrying kids though made us feel every ounce of flub on our very unsculpted bodies.

It took half of the hike to hear another person speaking English! It was neat to see and hear so many different nationalities enjoying the hike and the view!

I almost wish I was as gutsy as this girl…but there was no way I was going to get that close to the edge. Darrow, much to his dismay, was banished to Dad’s shoulders the entire time. There was no way we were letting his feet touch the ground here.

Looking at the spectacular view was amazing, but looking at all the people taking pictures and selfies was quite entertaining too!


It gave me the heebie jeebies to watch how close some people were to the edge. And this picture only shows a quarter of the cliff height. 

It was such a beautiful day weather wise, and such a fun day with my family. It took getting off the couch on a Saturday morning, and a tank of gas, but we have some fabulous memories now, tied to bonding emotions that wouldn’t be there had we just done the normal ho hum. The normal ho hum is necessary. We can’t adventure every single day. But we strongly believe getting out as a family, even to just walk the block and see who can find the coolest rock, is so important. 

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