Mar 22, 2016

Reed || Winslow, AZ High School Senior

It’s awesome how life works out sometimes. Originally we had Reed’s senior portrait session scheduled for today, but then it needed to be rescheduled to fit his track practice. I’m sure glad we did! Today we’re all staking ourselves to the ground in hopes that we don’t get blown half way to Mississippi. 
The weather this past Saturday was gorgeous. Sunny, calm, warm, lovely! 
Reed is one of these guys that has it all together and does a little of everything. He is personable, happy, easy going, and smart. I loved getting to know him and his mom more during the shoot! It was a nice afternoon hopping around Winslow to get Reed’s passions, hobbies, and hard work portrayed in the photos. 
In the Fall he heads off to the University of Arizona (Woo! One of my Alma Maters!) to study Aeronautic Engineering. Reed, you’ll LOVE Tucson. 

 Reed is fast! He runs the 400m and sometimes the 100m. 

One of the first things they asked was if they could incorporate the drums into the session. I was all aboard! It was fun to hear him play! You can tell he loves what he does.

Reed earned his Eagle Scout with his final project building a wall at the Brigham City site. They got this wall done all in one day! It was neat to be able to see his work and walk around the old site.

And then we stopped off downtown for some general portraits. This has to be the best bike rack I’ve seen yet!

I took what I thought was my last shot and we started to head back to the car when his Mom had me turn around. Reed was sitting on the bridge waiting for his last shot, with his legs dangling down through the ties.

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