Mar 31, 2016

Why We LOVE Rice Krispie Treats

Sure, we all love a good Rice Krispie Treat every now and then when they are just gooey enough to be soft, but firm enough to not leave your hands covered in marshmallow oobleck. They are an easy treat. But we LOVE them and they have a special spot in our hearts.


Because of our wedding.

A family friend of Cameron’s offered to make the wedding cakes for him and his siblings when they each got married. For a tiered cake she would sometimes just make one cake layer and then the others would be rice krispie treats that she would decorate to look like the rest of the cake. Much cheaper and faster than having layer after layer after layer of real cake for a small reception.

So when it came time for our wedding she asked Cameron what we wanted. I’d told him anything but chocolate cake was fine by me so if he had a favorite to pick that. And he did. He wanted just Rice Krispie Layers. No cake. No frosting. Just Rice Krispie Treats.

And I’m so glad that’s what he asked for! It was so us at the time, different, country, and cute. She trimmed it with farm animals (through the years my family and theirs have raised goats, sheep, chickens, dogs, cats, cows, etc., so this was a throw to our lifestyles).

We ate Rice Krispie treats all through our honeymoon and into the first week in our very first apartment. It was fun and special! It makes it easy every year to make a batch of Rice Krispies for our anniversary and get to eat our cake every single year!

Weddings are about the couple. They don’t have to be about what everyone else in the industry is doing! This was one way that we were able to incorporate us and our style into the wedding. Everyone loved it! Don’t be afraid to let who you are as a couple show in your wedding! Those personalized details may just end up being your favorite and most memorable parts!

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