Apr 21, 2016

2nd Shooting for Trisha Shelley Photography: El Encanto Las Cruces Wedding

A little over a year ago I was shooting a wedding in the Chiricahua Mountains and invited my friend Trisha to come shoot with me. She was just getting into photography and I knew it would be a fun day to have her along to help. That wedding was so much fun. The couple was fabulous, Cave Creek Canyon didn’t disappoint, and Trisha was phenomenal.

Fast foward to earlier this month and once again we got to shoot together. Only this time this was Trisha’s gig! She’s skyrocketed this past year and is doing amazing work. I was so excited to get to travel back to New Mexico and to shoot this classic Red and Black El Encanto Wedding with her.








For her Something Borrowed she had her Grandmother’s perfume. What a sweet touch to the day!

Little Joey was sure interested in what we were doing and kept coming over to help. Finally a “camera” was procured for him and he could shoot along side of us rather than helping to arrange the details. He was adorable! You have to go to Trisha’s blog to read about the toast he gave!


The hotel bathroom was TINY! I kept trying to shoot from behind, but it just wasn’t working. So I hopped in the tub, amid shocked looks and laughter, to be able to get side shots of the make up process. Whatever it takes to get the shot!




While Adriane was finishing getting ready, I took the menfolk out for some groomsmen portraits. These 5 were a hoot.



Mikey is a huge Star Wars fan! Each groomsman had a different character on his socks! It was so fun!

This is what happens when you tell them, “Alright, you all are going to walk towards me and strike your best “cool man” pose!”





Mikey and Adriane wanted to meet together before the ceremony, but still didn’t want to see each other. The blindfolds were so cute!




As they stood there talking and laughing, Adriane had a sinking feeling. Literally. Good thing for baby wipes to clean off the heels!










The Twins were so cute as the Flower Girl and Ring Security. Joey took his job very seriously. Well, as serious as Joey gets!







Oh Joey! He kills me!






These two were SO CUTE! I couldn’t get enough of them.













It’s not too often that the Grooms are all about portrait time. Mikey kept telling me, “I LOVE taking pictures!” And it was so fun! He was just relaxed, goofy, and fun!





The reception and dinner were amazing!




And oh the cake! At rehearsal they went over how they were going to be civilized and no cake smashing would occur. And then at the last minute Mikey changed up the script!!

So Adriane got even! I love this shot just a split second before impact. Mikey knew he was in trouble and just couldn’t help laughing!

Primary Photographer: Trisha Shelley Photography | Dress: David’s Bridal   |   Florist: Theresa Lugo   |   DJ: Mike Gamboa   |   Cake: Michelle Flores   |   Catering:El Encanto  |   Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Gowns Gifts N More   |   Groomsmen wear: Gowns and More   |   Invitations: Unicorn Press

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