Apr 4, 2016

Marcus and Taylor’s Buffalo Park Engagement Session || Flagstaff, AZ Photographer

It’s the time of year where nearly every week I see the hashtag #gohomeweatheryouaredrunk across social media. Horrific wind one day. Gorgeous sunshine the next day. Snow the following. Warmth the next. Spring just can’t ever make up its mind here in northern Arizona!
After days of gorgeous weather, a fast winter storm flew threw leaving snowplows skidding into bridges and semis tipping over…and dropped temperatures for Taylor and Marcus’s spring engagement session. With cloud cover and temps in the mid 40’s to low 50’s (not freezing, I know…but still not comfortable!), we met up at Buffalo Park.
I personally love shooting under cloud cover! There is such gorgeous filtered light that comes through. And a little chill in the air is perfect to get couples extra snuggly and cute!
Taylor and Marcus are adorable. They are the perfect mix of comfortable, cute, snuggly, casual, classy, and sweet. And SO in love! The way they looked at each other just made my heart melt!


These two NAU sweethearts were so fun to visit with as we wandered around the park. It made me smile to hear that Taylor was the one to first notice and set her sights on Marcus, and that it took some time before he responded. Sometimes us girls know what we want and when we find a good catch we just have to hold on tight and be patient. From a fellow “I liked him first” girl, this really made me smile! Good for you Taylor for finding him! Even though Taylor was interested first, Marcus is pretty darn smitten now! The way he would reach for her hand, or gently wrap his arms around her, or tenderly kiss her, there’s no doubt how much he loves this woman!










Taylor has such a joyful laugh that makes her whole face light up. It’s beautiful! Marcus spent so much of the session just looking at her. It was so cute!






And this was the point where I knelt to get the angle I wanted and discovered a cactus with my shin. Oh the pain we desert photographers go through to show you just how gorgeous our couples are, lol!










We had time for one last quick spot. I pointed out a clearing with a rock, surrounded by a circle of bushes, surrounded by a marsh…and Marcus said, “I’ve been wanting to go over there too!”. Right on point! So we found a path through the marsh and headed over. It was perfect! I wished I had a drone to get aerial footage of them in the center of that double circle of nature! Such a pretty little spot!




Seriously, could they be any cuter?!



These two were just so good together! I can’t wait for their June wedding!!

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