Apr 25, 2016

2nd Shooting for Trisha Shelley Photography: Sedona Engagement Session

Do you remember that mini-styled shoot Trisha and I did in Sedona? While we had a ton of fun with it, that wasn’t our real reason for meeting up in Red Rock Country. This is:

Trisha was meeting with one of her couples to take engagement pictures in the gorgeous landscape and invited me to come along and shoot with her. Sedona. Photography. Close friends. Good food. How could I say no?! 

I really enjoy Second Shooting. It stretches me creatively, but also gives me some freedom to try new things and new angles. Most of the time the couple is not looking at me (because usually they are pretty smitten looking at each other or are looking at the main photographer…which is just how it should be!), so I have to be watching for interactions and angles that will still be interesting and flattering without being redundant or weird with their attention diverted elsewhere. It’s so much fun!

These two were seriously so cute, and dressed to perfection. Especially for Trisha’s branding! We photographers love it when that happens!

Getting to watch how another photographer works is amazing. Seeing how they set up poses, how they relate to their couples, how they see the world is so eye opening.  I always learn something anytime I shoot with another photographer. Trisha is a pretty happy girl, but she just glows while she is shooting!

This next one is one of my favorites! Their chemistry was just so perfect. 

 She jumped it…in heels!!!

Just before walking out into the foliage, they let us know about the Sedona water snakes. Neither of us do snakes, but especially Trisha. Walking out into the plants Angel gasped and quickly bent over picked up…

 …a twig. He totally got us! 

Traffic was crazy, so we literally had seconds to run out, grab some fast shots and run off. Trisha had me explain what I envisioned beforehand, we ran on the road, snapped, and ran off all within about 20 seconds!

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