Apr 1, 2016

Shoot and Share Contest Results Are In!!

Do you remember that big, scary contest I told you I entered? Well it’s over finally and last weekend all the results were published and all the photos were placed. I was so excited and so afraid to look.
The contest went for 11 rounds with a total of 225,207 photos entered from photographers in 121 different countries. Each round they eliminated the photos with the least votes. Round 10 was the Finalist Round, and round 11 was voting on the top 100 of each category. As each round went on the more sure I was that my photos had to be dropping out. And some were. But I kept seeing that the number of “favorites” on my photos went up a little each week. They didn’t tell us which photos, but we did get to see our “favorite count”. It was agonizing!
Well finally once it was all over each photographer could then see just how far their photos made it. And I was blown away and tickled to death! I had one photo make it to the finalist round (placing it in the top 3.5% of entries!!), 1 made it into the top 10% of photos, 7 into the top 20% and 3 into the top 30%!
It was interesting to see which photos made it farther and which ones died in the first few rounds. Photos I’m super proud of placed 100 photos away from being dead last. It was interesting!

Here are the photos that made it into the top 30% and up! To see all the photos I entered and how they did you can go here.












With this being my first year entering, I just entered the 50 photos from any past shoot that I thought would be good. My goal for next year’s contest is to only enter photos from this year. And, I want to try to get a wedding photo in the top 30%! I’m excited for the challenge and can’t wait to see what the year brings!

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