May 12, 2016

Brad + Kory || Engaged! || Gila Valley Wedding Photographer

The wind was ferocious. Enough so to cause major dust storms blowing across the freeway resulting in nasty nasty accidents. In the 5 days I had been down in southern New Mexico, the freeway had been closed on 3 different occasions. And there I was on Monday needing to get across the bad stretch. The wind had kicked up, and my nerves were strung tight, but I had an important date and there were no clouds of dust to be seen. So I got on the freeway and went as fast as the speed limit would allow and just prayed the dust would stay earthbound. And it did!
Why risk traveling the stretch of death? Because an absolutely fantastic couple was waiting for me on the other side! Brad and Kory are getting married this summer and Monday we got to meet up for their engagement session in the Gila Valley.
Brad and Kory had spent some time hiking and star gazing in the Gila Box, so we decided to go there for their session, and it was the perfect choice! The water was great, the wind was low, and the light was gorgeous! We had so much fun visiting, going over memories, and checking out the countryside! We were just in time for the cactus blossoms, and the creosote was all decked out as well. Perfect for a gorgeous desert engagement session!

Kory was one of the the very first people Brad met at college. He hadn’t bought the book for his Psychology class by the time the first day came, so he decided he’d just sit next to someone who had a book. He walked in, set eyes on Kory, and decided that was who he wanted to sit next to. Their friendship formed fast and the following semester romance sneaked in!



These two were seriously adorable. They were so comfortable and so SO in love. They kept sighing these cute sighs when they were all snuggled up (which was most of the shoot!). It made my entire day when Kory mentioned to Brad that being there and taking pictures just felt so natural and good! Score!!



How natural and cute were these two? Insanely so. I didn’t cue Brad to tuck her hair behind her ear in this next picture. He just did it, and it was perfect.
















After finishing up on the river bottom we hightailed it back up top…just as the sun dipped behind the mountain. NO!!! But, down the road a ways I could see a hill with a sunlit top. So we booked it over there until we were in the sunlight, and were stepping out of the car to take pictures almost before it was in park. We caught the sun at just the right time and got some nice desert glow to finish off the session with.













Oh Mount Graham…I don’t know if any EAC Alumni can look at that mountain and not feel nostalgic!




I can’t wait to photograph their wedding in July! They have some fun plans and I can’t wait to see them and show you all!

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