May 3, 2016

Northern Arizona Academy Seniors

When Cameron took the position at Northern Arizona Academy teaching science, we knew it would be a hard row to hoe. The principal told him this would be one of the hardest jobs he’d have. Couple that with this also being Cameron’s first teaching experience ever, and it has been an interesting year. But it’s been fabulous as well. 
There are hard days, but there are great days. There are triumphs and pitfalls. There are ups and downs. But overall, he does enjoy his job, the people he works with, and the kids he teaches. 
At the close of last semester Cameron and I were talking and we came up with an idea for a gift we wanted to give all of the graduating seniors. 
Many of these kids come from hard backgrounds and have some pretty good challenges in life, and yet they are here, trying to push through and finish school. There are kids from a number of different cultures, backgrounds, and circumstances. We knew most wouldn’t be in a position to get pictures done and we thought it would be a nice way to show our support of them and to congratulate them for fighting the good fight. 
Last Friday I met a bus of the seniors out at McHood Park, amid wind and rain, to snap some portraits for them. They laughed, they joked, and some pretended to not be interested at first, but all were pretty easy to photograph, happy, and just fun. They have good hearts and such potential! I’m so glad that this area and school is where we got to come to!

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