May 20, 2016

Rolling Thunder: Winslow, AZ

Many of you surely have seen the video of “The Lone Marine” or “The Saluting Marine”, as he stands in salute for the Veterans as they arrive in Washington, DC. It’s a powerful tribute to these heroes! On May 29th he will stand again, with his new bride and honor these Veterans. 
I won’t get to be in D.C. to watch this, but yesterday I got to participate here in Winslow! Rolling Thunder came through town on their way to Washington D.C. for Memorial Day yesterday! A handful of local photographers were asked to come document the event and I was thrilled to be invited! As everyone staked out spots and took assignments, I knew right where I wanted to be! Road level with the crowd!

I didn’t expect to get emotional. Excited, yes. Grateful, yes. Patriotic, yes. Emotional, that was a surprise!

It was neat to get there early and watch the crowd build. As the crowed built, the excitement rose as we all kept glancing down the road waiting for Rolling Thunder to come in sight.

The event was fun, and the excitement was great…and then the entire 2nd Grade from the Elementary School came around the corner and everything multiplied! I knew that was right where I wanted to be. As the flags were being handed out, a class spontaneously stood up and, without direction, launched into the Pledge of Allegiance. It was such a cute, proud, awesome moment! The teachers and I just stood there in awe, grinning at them.

Finally, we could all hear the sound of the motorcycles approaching!

I’ll admit it. I teared up here as the first Veterans rolled past, the crowd was cheering, and the flags were waving.

I am so grateful for what these Veterans, and all Veterans, did for us and our country. I’m grateful for their service, and their courage!

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