Jun 28, 2016

Joseph and Hannah | Engaged! | Albuquerque, LDS Temple

The first signs of the monsoon. A cloud covered sky letting through soft and beautiful light. A slight breeze to keep the air fresh. A gorgeous location (in fact, the exact same location where I got married). The little brother of one of my best friends. Cue memories of little Joseph sitting on the couch holding the family iguana. A sweet and gorgeous bride-to-be. And beautiful smiles all around. It was the perfect recipe for a gorgeous and sentimental engagement session!

Joseph and Hannah met when a mutual friend realized they’d be perfect together and set the ball rolling to get them together. They were each studying in the same program, but in different locations. Once Joseph had Hannah’s number though, it didn’t take long for them to fall in like, and then in love. Joseph carried the ring around for a few days to find just the right moment to propose, and finally found the perfect spot in the Japanese Garden at the Botanical Gardens.  And now neither of them can seem to quit smiling! 

 I LOVED her skirt! So fun, classy, and swishy! 

 Seriously guys, it’s hard to get any cuter than this. 

We were trying so hard to get the blossoms to fall during the picture…but despite some good tree shaking they just didn’t want to budge!

At this point in the session I asked Hannah how she felt about Joseph picking her up. Not every girl is comfortable with that, so I usually ask ahead of time before I tell the guy to swoop his sweetheart up in his arms. Hannah giggled and said, “I wouldn’t mind that at all!”

These two are so tender together. They have such a gentle but strong love that exudes from them. I am so thrilled for them and their future!

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