Jun 14, 2016

Jim & Lori’s Snowflake, AZ Wedding

I had just finished up portraits for Reese and Lachele at the Mesa, AZ LDS temple and walked over to their family luncheon they’d invited me to come eat at. I walked in the door, grabbed (and GUZZLED) a big cup of water, and then was waved over to a table by Reese’s Grandmother. She had someone for me to meet.

I was quickly introduced to Jim, who was getting married 3 weeks later. I got to spend the next 30 minutes talking with Jim and hearing all about his beautiful fiance, and their story. I loved the details of her picking pineapples in Hawaii, his mission, their meeting, and where life had taken both of them to get to this point. They are a special couple! We exchanged information and the following Monday I got a call from Lori, Jim’s sweet fiance about shooting their wedding. I was thrilled and definitely said yes!
Their wedding day was beautiful. Warm with a small breeze. Perfect for their Hawaiian attire! It was fun to visit with friends and family outside the Snowflake LDS temple, waiting for them to come out. These two are so loved!




LDS Temple weddings don’t have photography for the ceremony, so the tradition is to get pictures of the couple as they exit the temple to greet everyone as husband and wife for the first time! I love catching these first moments coming out together!























I’m so glad I got to be there for their beautiful wedding day! Thank you Jim and Lori!

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