Jun 22, 2016

Marcus + Taylor || Married || Arizona Wedding Photographer

Marcus and Taylor stood on the dance floor, surrounded by over 25 other married couples (and her engaged sister). Dancing around them was more than 350 years of combined marriage experience from their friends and family. What an amazing reminder and support system. “If you aren’t married yet, sit down.” The engaged sister and fiance laughed and returned to their seats. “Anyone married less than 12 hours, sit down.” Off went Marcus and Taylor. And so on this proceeded up through the years. By the time it got to couples with 35 years of marriage experience, the weddings guests
began to clap and cheer and the emotion in the room filled to overflowing. Finally it came down to the last two couples.  Rather than 5 year increments they started counting up year by year. At “Less than 49 years” the 2nd to last couple sat, leaving the final couple who will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary in August.

I was crying. My 2nd photographer was crying. And we just shot and grinned and sniffed away! What an amazing tribute to marriage, and an amazing example to these two amazing people who had just started their married life together!

The entire day of Marcus and Taylor’s wedding was packed with good times, emotional high notes, soaring temperatures, fun family, and beautiful details. They partied all day long and I am so grateful I got to be a part of it all! Their families are amazing and were so fun to work beside all day long.

The day started early before the sun was up as Taylor’s sister and Mom worked to help her get ready for the 7am First Look (trying to beat the summer heat). It was sweet to watch them work together, laugh, talk, and grin. All of the details for Taylor were stunning and heartfelt. Taylor wore her sister’s pearl earrings and her mother’s pearl ring; such sweet sentiments behind the beauty of those little details!









Arriving at the Mesa, AZ LDS Temple, Marcus was there waiting to see his beautiful bride for the first time. Taylor walked up with “excited butterfies” and called out Marcus’ name. And the true magic began as these two giggled, snuggled, talked, and grinned. You would have thought they were the only ones on the planet in that moment.































































Following the First Look and Portraits, Taylor and Marcus and family entered the temple for the marriage. LDS Temple weddings are closed to the public, and no photography is permitted, so the next step for photographers in the day is the Temple Exit, where the bride and groom come out of the doors to their waiting friends and family outside. The joy on their faces is always amazing, and I love seeing reactions of the bride and groom and their guests!


Taylor’s Dad made sure to be one of the first ones up the steps to give his baby girl a hug. It was so sweet!


That evening was the Ring Ceremony and Reception. As only members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in good standing can attend the marriage ceremony in the temple, some couples opt to hold a separate Ring Ceremony for the friends and family that were not able to attend the marriage. This Ring Ceremony was tender and heartfelt, with simple vows, a few tears, and lots of smiles.









Taylor’s Mom and her family did all the decorations and planning for the wedding! They really all pulled together to make such a beautiful day!!







Taylor served an 18-month mission for the LDS church in Idaho. Missionaries cannot just call home, but they can write letters and emails. Displayed at the wedding were some of Marcus and Taylor’s sweet letters back and forth from those 18 months apart.



Her aunt hand painted the cake topper for them! It’s so perfect, down to the yellow high heels!

During the Ring Ceremony, Taylor laughed and said “I’m not very good with words, please bear with me.” So just as the reception got going, she got everyone’s attention. “I told you I’m not very good with words, so I’ve prepared a song to sing to Marcus, because that’s more my language.” And then she proceeded to bring the house down. People were picking their jaws up off the floor. Marcus included. It made me wish I had a videographer there with me to capture that moment because it was absolutely AMAZING!!



We sneaked outside for a few quick minutes to catch the final portraits in the fading sun, and to gather themselves together for the start of the dances and the rest of their celebration.










Taylor’s Dad is a professional DJ. In fact, he’s one of the best I know! Every wedding I’ve done with him as the DJ has been fun and hopping! He knows how to get a crowd going and keep the party rolling. This night was no different, only this time there was the added emotion that this was his baby girl! Their Daddy Daughter Waltz was beautiful!



And then it was Marcus and Taylor’s turn to take the dance floor for the first time as husband and wife. They sang to each other, laughed, snuggled, and just enjoyed their time!


Following their dance was the Anniversary Dance. The moment I started this blog post with. It was possibly my favorite part of the night. So amazing!!






Marcus and his Mom had the sweetest Mother/Son dance I’ve seen yet. Kellie held to her boy tight the entire song and they both worked to keep their composure (but still needed Kleenex in the end!).


All together this was a beautiful day! The families came together in such amazing ways for this celebration and partied the night away. It was such a perfect day to mark the beginning of eternity together for Taylor and Marcus!

 Wedding Dress Store : A CLOSET FULL OF DRESSES
Hair and Makeup : RANDI RICHINS
Bridesmaid Dresses: JC PENNY
Reception Decorating: SCOTT FAMILY


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