Jun 1, 2016

Romantic Country Vintage Wedding Styled Shoot

This past October I received such a sweet message from an event planner in the Gila Valley, and after just a short exchange I knew I wanted to work with her someday! She is so sweet and incredibly talented!After interacting for a few months, we came up with an idea. Why wait for a bride to book both of us to work together?! We would create our own event and play away. After the baby powder dust had settled some in our lives (we were both due with babies the same month!), it was time to do this!
You know when you had a group project in school and you had an idea that you really wanted to do, but so did everyone else…and merging ideas just got messy? I was nervous about that being how planning a styled shoot with another creative would go. However, as soon as we started putting ideas out there we realized we both had the exact same theme and look in mind! It was just meant to be.

We both wanted a chance to do a soft, romantic, rural/country wedding with a touch of vintage elegance in there. I was giggling with excitement. And then…we decided to shoot up on Mount Graham, and I nearly exploded. I’ve been dying to do a session up on Mount Graham again. It all was perfect.Katelyn handled the decor and set up planning, while I handled things on the model end of the shoot. We sent a few pictures back and forth of how things were coming along, and I knew it would all look good…but I didn’t realize just how perfectly all the details would mesh together.

Seriously, I’m in love with how everything turned out!


How fun are those cameras?! Katelyn’s Grandparents found those in their storage the morning of the shoot and brought them to her “just in case” she might want to use them someday. Little did they know someday was just a few hours away!



Katelyn is talented. Incredibly so! Not only does she have a fantastic vision for how to put details together and combining elements, but she does fabulous hand lettering and calligraphy!



Torey, the owner and confectionery artist behind Cakes with TLC teamed up with us for the shoot, providing this AMAZING watercolor cake. Seriously, it’s gorgeous!




Adding to the sweets table were these gorgeous (and scrumptious!) cookies by Carolyn, the Cookies and Cows part of the husband and wife team behind Skills of Provision.

Preston, Katelyn’s husband, made her the arch (and the rustic sign in table from above)! It’s gorgeous and perfect!



We got everything all set up, and then up drove our fabulous models for the day. Samantha and Gage, were so sweet to drive all the way over from New Mexico to be our Bride and Groom models for the afternoon. These two have been dating for a few years now and their chemistry is so fun, and they gave such a perfect look to the shoot.



Isn’t her dress fabulous?! I did some asking and looking around for dresses to borrow for this, and then Samantha messaged me a picture and said she had a dress, but didn’t know if it would work. Search over! Heart eye emojis all over the place!





Samantha is a rising photographer in her town. It’s always SO fun to have another photographer as your subject. They were both so relaxed and natural in front of the camera!















Driving down through Silver City on our way south for the weekend we drove by miles and miles of road, lined with blooming Apache Plume. It’s gorgeous with the pink stamens and the white flowers. I planned on clipping a bundle of those on the way to Safford to use as the bouquet. But come to find out…there were no blooming Apache Plume over there! So, I hit up the grocery stores around town and came up with a different plan for the bouquet. Two artificial plants and one dozen real roses later and this romantic hanging bouquet was born! Katie…thank you for letting me come take over your dining room table to put this together!!









Samantha’s makeup and hair was so soft and romantic and perfect for this. Rachelle Ward with the Dollhouse Salon did such fabulous work!














After finishing up the couple portraits, Katelyn and Preston had worked to switch the tables around and give a second setup for the shoot! I can’t decide which setup I like better! So, I’ll just answer like I do when I’m asked “Red or Green?”. Both!!


This cake was also by Torey (Cakes with TLC)! Doesn’t she do amazing work?!












And now we’re hooked and already scheming on a “next time” for this! It was so fun to get to work with new people and to come together to create such a fun afternoon. These styled shoots are such fabulous ways to meet new people in the creative and wedding industries, work on ideas, network, add to the portfolio, and showcase all the talent around! I can’t wait to collaborate again in the future!


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