Jun 8, 2016

Samantha + Gage || High School Sweethearts

It was late one night. I was scrolling through my Facebook friends trying to think of just the right couple to ask to come model for the Styled Shoot I was planning with Forever Memories and Events. And suddenly I got to Samantha. And I knew she and her boyfriend would be perfect. 
But then I got nervous…what if they thought this was weird and didn’t want to. Why I was nervous, I don’t know. Saying no isn’t the end of the world. But it took me a few days to actually decide to email Samantha to see if she and her boyfriend Gage would be interested. 
I was so excited when she responded with a resounding YES! They were in, AND she had a dress that was perfect for the shoot! 

They were so gracious to drive all the way down from New Mexico to come model for me, but I’m so glad they did. They truly added so much to this session! 
Gage and Sam have adorable chemistry, and that showed through in the photos so well. They are just at ease around each other (and Sam is a photographer as well, so they were at ease in front of the camera to boot), and that made my job so fun and easy!

After finishing up the “bridal” pictures for the styled shoot, we took a few minutes to get some “non-bridal” portraits for them so that they had something to put up on Facebook and their walls since they aren’t engaged at all (but Sam giggles that maybe she’ll put one of the wedding styled pictures up in her dorm room just to see what her roommates say, that’ll be funny).


Seriously, these two are the cutest boyfriend/girlfriend ever. 

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