Jul 1, 2016

Abby | Senior Portraits | Albuquerque Photographer

I mentioned on Instagram the other day that I don’t know whether to pity or envy Abby. With two photographer sisters-in-law she gets lots of camera time. Which is super fun for Kate and I, because Abby is incredibly sweet, smart, gorgeous (more than she’ll ever know), and absolutely fantastic.

In the Spring, Abby asked Kate and I to do graduation portraits for her. As I wasn’t able to get over until this past week, Kate did Abigail’s gorgeous graduation announcement portraits in April and then I took Abby out for shopping and a fun casual shoot when we got over there. We had a great time wandering the grounds of the Albuquerque LDS Temple and enjoying the gorgeous cloudy weather.












Abby has such a pretty smile, and I love her laugh. I may have resorted to using my “cutesy” voice and mentioning a certain someone’s name a few times to get more natural smiles out of her, but it worked!



And then of course the darn thing just wouldn’t let go of the seeds!



The day before pictures Abby and I went shopping for a dress for me and a skirt for her. I kept trying to convince her to get this pretty white tulle skirt, but she had her eye on a sleek black pencil skirt. And I’m so glad Abby stuck to the style she knew she wanted! Because she completely rocks the pencil skirt and it fits her personality so much better than the tulle skirt would have! Isn’t this girl classy?!


  Isn’t this girl classy?!

















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