Aug 6, 2016

Chip + Emilee + Peach || Silver Lake Flat, UT

When you haven’t seen a friend for a while, there is always a tinge of “fear” when you get together again. “What if she’s changed?” “What if we have nothing to talk about?” “What if it’s awkward?” And then it’s so amazing when you finally do get together and it’s like nothing has changed and you’ve never been apart. You pick right back up, because you never really left off in the first place. 
That’s how it was with Emilee and Chip! It was so good to go and hang out and visit with them. And if you saw our Snapchats, you got to see for yourselves that nothing’s changed…we’re all still just goofballs together! Having Emilee do my hair and makeup for our anniversary shoot at the start of the trip added so much meaning to it. And then I was absolutely tickled to do pictures for them at the end of our vacation. We started and ended on such a good note!

Their whole session was just epic from the outfits to the location to their sweet dog and to us NOT catching the forest on fire. Wins all around!

One day I got a message from Emilee with a location in Utah that she really loved. That was where she wanted photos. So we searched, and asked, and read and came up with nothing. Finally, through some insta-stalking I found the hashtag #tibblefork. That was the piece of info we needed! Em was ecstatic. That was the last piece to the plan. 
All week in Utah it was hot. Hotter than our house back in Arizona HOT! It was ridiculous. And then last Saturday dawned with beautiful soft clouds and cooler temperatures. And the light just danced in Em’s eyes. And then her eyelash appointment came, and the excitement tripled. Everything was lining up perfectly. Chip, Emilee, Peach, Cameron, the kids and I all climbed into their car and we headed out from Logan to go bask in the beauty of Tibble Fork. 
Little did we know until part way there that we wouldn’t get to stop at Tibble Fork at all! They were draining it for construction!! AHHH!! We crossed our fingers that maybe it’d be full enough and that we could still get the end of it or something. But nope. It was completely fenced off and torn up. 
I felt Emilee’s heart cry a little. But according to the maps up the road a little ways was Silver Lake Flat Reservoir. So we ventured on up an awesome road and finally pulled in to Plan B. We found that they’d done work on that dam and the reservoir was in the process of refilling! We didn’t have time to make it up to Silver Lake, the next stop up. So we parked, hopped out, and got to work! I know Em was a little sad that neither reservoir was quite what she had dreamed and envisioned at first, but soon she was wrapped up in Chips arms and they were playing with Peach and the worry faded. 

It was fun actually to have the reservoir not quite full, as we got to go down onto the flat lake bed and get some fun shots we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise!

In preparation for this I read articles about doing shoots with dogs, and watched Katelyn James’ great video about doing a couple’s session with a dog (which kinda made me laugh because you could almost substitute “toddler” in anywhere she said dog and all the tips would work!!). I was all prepared to work super hard to get great pictures when Peach was involved. 

And now I’m completely spoiled by Peach. She was SO easy and fun! And that tutu?! I die! These three are so fun together!

Peach J. Arfdale is truly loved (and you can tell she’s pretty happy with these people of hers!). 

Emilee and Chip celebrated their 5th Anniversary this year! As a surprise, Chip got Emilee this amazing ring they had designed in previous years. The two central diamonds were Emilee’s grandmothers! Isn’t is gorgeous?! I love the throw to the Art Deco movement (and that it totally looks like a Zia!). It’s so Em!

These two have photo sessions down. I LOVE having them in front of my camera. In fact, I think they win the prize for the couple I’ve shot most often! Let’s see…pre-engagement, engagement, wedding (that was about 5 mini sessions all rolled into one), vacation, about 3 different couples shoots, graduation pictures, and now this session! They are so full of life, truly a photographer’s dream!

Can you tell that Emilee has history as a ballerina?! So graceful!

Oh Peach. She nailed it every single time. Oh, and you two Em and Chip. 😉 All three of them were absolutely on point! 

And then it was time for tricks. Peach waves!! 

I kinda want a Peach now. She’s FABULOUS! So sweet, good tempered, quiet, patient, and fun! Best dog ever! And so fashionable! 😉

And then dusk started to set in and it was time for the last hoorah. The Floating Lantern. This ended up to be quite the ordeal!

 It wouldn’t light, and wouldn’t light, and wouldn’t light. They used all the matches in the box (minus the three that didn’t have a match head on them, weird…but it ended up being useful), so Chip ran back and got a lighter out of the car. After adjusting it to be like a torch, and inserting the headless match sticks in the fuel square of the lantern, they finally got it to light!

And then it didn’t want to float. It just kinda hung there, and hung, and hung. But when it took off, it was awesome!

It just floated softly where we were, and then found a swirl of wind and it took off! We were sure it was going to head into the trees rather than out over the water (of course). But it didn’t. It curved around, coming to a crash landing on the “beach” (with Chip running after it to smash it down).  It was so fun to see just the one lantern go up, I can’t imagine what the actual Floating Lantern Festival looks like!

Em and Chip (and Peach!), thank you so much for such a wonderful adventure! We loved all our time with you and wish it could be more! 

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