Aug 27, 2016

How to Walk in High Heels (and not sink your heels!)

5 years ago I never EVER thought I’d write a post like this. Me, talk about how to walk in high heels? No way.

But I’ve figured it out decently! I don’t know that I could run in them, but I can’t run in running shoes either, so I’m not too torn up.

Walking in high heels on the sidewalk or indoors is tricky enough, but then add in anywhere outdoors and it’s like you’re battling for your life with every step! But what if I told you that you can walk across sandstone bluffs, or down a hill to the river rocks? (Sheesh, now I sound like a bad salesman!)

For only 4 easy payments of…just kidding. I couldn’t resist!


The trick to heels in grass, sand, over rocks, etc is to walk on the ball of your foot. I know, it feels like you’re doing that already in heels, but many actually aren’t. We try to put our heels down first (which is how many people naturally walk). But when you think about it, do you want to rest all your weight on that tiny little point, or on the more solid foundation of the ball of your foot and your toes? (Pick the ball and toes).
It’ll feel like your tip-toeing at first, but then you’ll be surprised at where you can walk! Have a wedding in the grass? This is perfect. Your heels won’t sink in!

Cameron took this snapchat of me while we were exploring the badlands north of town in between church and my evening meeting. We didn’t go home to change, so I just struck out in heels. And this trick made it work!

He doesn’t normally call me Marquette LaRee, so this was funny to me! What a good guy, trying to get everything on brand for me. 🙂

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