Aug 5, 2016

Jake + Trisha + Colbie || Rigby, Idaho Family & Sweetheart Session

Two years ago we met up in downtown Silver City, NM and wandered the streets taking pictures in the park and historic district. One year ago we got up early and drove out to Lost Dutchman State Park, AZ and wandered around as the sun came up, snapping pictures as we went. This year when we found out we would both be in Idaho at the same time, we knew we couldn’t pass up the opportunity! For both of us! Trisha took our AMAZING anniversary portraits (which we’ll be sharing with you all here on the blog on Tuesday-our 10th Anniversary!), and I got to get all three of these gorgeous people in front of my camera again!


The day of pictures was a little wild…

Between a location swap, a makeup job at the local beauty school that just didn’t quite go the way she’d hoped, and a power outage (which is a disaster for a girl needing a curling iron!), there was added stress to the evening. But as soon as we got out in the field and the family came together for their first snuggle all the tense nerves melted and we felt like we were in our own little world of soft light, gentle breezes, and harmony!




Colbie has finally warmed up to me! It makes me SO excited! This little girl is adorable and really knows how to ham it up! She loved her dress, getting kisses from mom and dad, and stealing the show.








Trisha’s little sister came along and when Colbie began to be done with pictures, the two of them went off to play, giving me a chance to bring Trisha and Jake together for some Sweetheart photos! They always know how to bring it when it comes to their portraits. I love how romantic and snuggly they are!


(Um, serious hair envy going on! I can’t wait until mine is that long! And…I need to learn how to curl it like that!)




These two celebrate 5 years of marriage later this year! They have such a sweet love and unity, and sure know how to spoil each other.



Taking pictures for another photographer is always a little scary. Even though I’ve had Trisha and Jake in front of my camera a few times now, it still makes me nervous at first! In just a year’s time she has catapulted her photography into such a successful and gorgeous business and style! When shooting another photographer you worry that maybe you’ll miss something they wanted, because they really know what they want. And then you worry that maybe it’ll be weird. And then you get out there and they are so fun, and with the two of you working together combining forces you end up with something amazing and you realize all the worry was for nothing.
























This next shot may be my very favorite from the whole session!


















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