Aug 24, 2016

Mowers Make a Home

In case you didn’t know…I have a deep love of Pinterest. I use it as a search engine, a vision board, an organizational tool, a planning space, and on collaboration projects. It’s one of my online BFF’s. 
After moving into our current house at the beginning of June, I wasn’t too worried about decorating as we’d be gone most of the summer. I knew though that when I got back that I wanted to hit it hard and really get the place put together. This time though, I told myself that I didn’t have to put things up on the wall just because we have them. I want to choose what will look best, what represents us the most, and what fits the style we like. 
And then I froze. 
What style do I like? What do I put up? What do I make? How do I do this without spending a fortune?! 
I just wasn’t sure how to go forward. The place felt meh. Not bad, but not anything special or truly us. 
And then the other night I was scrolling through kitchens on Pinterest and found this picture: 

And suddenly the heavens parted and ideas started coming!

My kitchen won’t look like this (being in a rental I’m thinking maybe we shouldn’t go in and repaint everything they just remodeled, nor do we need to as it’s all well done), but I can take aspects of it and integrate it in. Did you see our big crazy bed that got us through our one bedroom wonder this past year? We designed it so that we could take all the components apart and use it as regular furniture some day. Well, that day is just around the corner. We’re getting a bed frame again, leaving the dresser in the room, and then moving the other pieces into the dining area as a hutch and the mudroom as shelves. And I get to paint them!! Guess what color?! No, not orange. I still can’t figure out how to make it not so garish in decor. I’m going sage green with touches of copper and orange. It’s perfect!

I’ve never painted furniture before, but I’m excited to give it a try! As I jump more into this adventure of decorating intentionally, I’ll share more of the journey. I know there will be successes and Pinstrosities with it all. But that’s part of it!

I was a little hesitant at first at the idea of sharing this part of my life. While I love our little rental, it’s not glamorous. It’s not something most people would aspire to live in. But, we are happy here. We are thankful for it. And really it’s not about curb appeal or being fancy for guests. Building a home is all about building a haven for my family, a place where we can be together and feel safe, loved, and comfortable. And that is what I’m setting out to do! I hope you’ll join in along the way as I try to figure this all out!

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