Sep 14, 2016

One Thing That Can Kill a Wedding Reception

I’ve got a big tip for you guys today. And it’s going to go against the grain for many. Bear with me!

After years of going to weddings all over, I’ve noticed something. And it can be big. Big enough to make or break your reception. This one thing can be a game changer as the effects ripple through your whole reception, making your guests feel more comfortable, and upping the fun factor for everyone.

Are you ready for this.


The Line.


You know, the bridal party, the parents, and the couple all in The Line to greet every guest who comes in and stands in a line to go down The Line shaking hands awkwardly with a number of people they don’t know hugging the few they do, and then moving on to scope out the cake.

It can be painful. If done well (and short), The Line can be effective. But too long and it kills the party. So my biggest tip to fix The Line problem?


Cut it.

Cut “The Line.”


I know, I heard the gasps too. Some of you are thinking. “But, it’s The Line! How will people get to say hello?! You have to have The Line!”

You really don’t.

Cameron and I were guests this past weekend at a wedding and rather than have any sort of receiving line after the wedding ceremony or at the reception, the couple took the time to go around to each table to give hugs and say hello. It felt much more personal, people weren’t waiting in line, and the party rolled on. It was awesome!

Other weddings this summer had a line for 20 minutes at the beginning, but then the Bride and Groom went to mingle and enjoy the party.

It was magic!

The Line might be a good option for a casual Open House, but if you are holding a full reception, I’d advise you to cut it, or at least shrink it down to a limited time frame. Here’s why:


1. Most people don’t like standing in lines. It’s a mood killer. Mom’s wrestle kids. Grandpa’s get grumpy. Teenagers get lost into cyber space faster than normal. By the time they get through the line and to their seats their mood is often already less festive. They may not be mad at all, but rarely does the line up the excitement and celebratory feel of the party.

2. Cutting the line gets people off their feet. Guests, parents, and the couple. When you can sit and relax and visit, the mood goes up! And the more likely the dance floor is to fill up if everyone hasn’t already spent an hour standing up and shuffling back and forth keeping the blood flowing.

3. Getting the party started keeps your guests happy and sticking around! You can’t start a wedding party without the bride and groom, but if they are in The Line for half of the reception, then the party doesn’t truly start until the line breaks. The guests didn’t really come to watch the line go through and eat dessert. They came to celebrate WITH the Bride and Groom. By cutting or reducing the line, you can get to the celebration quicker, be that dancing, bouquet tossing, games, songs, cake cutting, or whatever tradition you choose to honor or create! Those are the events that keep guests around!

Tad and Jennifer's Rustic Gila Valley Wedding at the Layton Barn


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