May 5, 2017

John and Lorraine | Windy Point, Mt. Lemmon

When we were students at the University of Arizona, we spent a ton of time up on Mt. Lemmon. We loved geocaching, camping, Sunday drives, and casual hiking (I’m not a true hiker). It was something we could do on our entertainment budget of “whatever Bookmans will give us in trade for old movies and books”. We loved it! But somehow in all our trips up the mountain, we only stopped at Windy Point twice. Once to quickly look over the wall, and once at night to set up a telescope to look at Comet Lulin. Since then I’ve seen so many amazing portraits done there and kicked myself many times for never exploring it more. It’s been on my shooting location bucket list for a while.

Well, Lorraine and John helped me cross that off my bucket list! They are getting married next week and met me up on the mountain for their sweet and warm engagement session. And Windy Point didn’t even give us too much wind! It was more windy down in the valley. Go figure!

Lorraine and John have a sweet, quiet, warm, and comfortable chemistry. They were so natural in front of the camera and fit together so perfectly. I loved every minute with them scrambling over rocks, looking over the desert, and checking out the area.


She ROCKED her heels on that terrain. She climbed all over like a mountain goat! Maybe that’s not a comparison I should use…it doesn’t sound graceful. But really, have you seen the videos of the mountain goats jumping around on the cliffs?! They’re awesome! Lorraine went along like the rocks were no trouble at all! She was awesome!

John and Lorraine got engaged Christmas Eve. John had the ring with him, but wasn’t sure exactly when he was going to pop the question. When it came time to grab a few shots in front of the Christmas tree John knew it was time. He keyed in his future Father-in-Law so that he’d be extra ready. They gathered in front of the tree for what Lorraine thought was the traditional Christmas Eve photo, and it turned into a Christmas Eve she’ll never forget!

As awesome as Lorraine did in her heels, I loved when she kicked off her heels and went barefoot. A girl after my own heart! I love barefoot photos!

Oh John! You look so good in love!

Finally the sun started to set and bathed everything in gorgeous desert glow. We got to the top of the rocks to catch the last bits of sun rays, and it was amazing!


Lorraine and John, I can’t wait for your wedding!! You two are so incredibly sweet, comfortable, and I love your love! I can’t wait to meet your family, hug your baby boy, and get some gorgeous desert shots!

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