Jun 13, 2017

Benjamin and Katerina’s Tucson, AZ Wedding

Benjamin and Katerina were married in the church where they both worshipped at together while attending the University of Arizona. The Vineyard Christian Community Church was such a beautiful setting for the wedding! The gorgeous courtyard, the historic building, and the great evening light made this not only a sweetly sentimental and meaningful location, but it was such a naturally beautiful spot to get married as well! I would love to shoot another wedding here!

I couldn’t believe the amazing weather there that day! For a Tucson summer wedding it could have been an oven, but it all was so nice! It was warm, but not oppressively so, and when evening came the temperature was PERFECT for their outdoor dinner and reception. Elizabeth Victory, the event coordinator at the church, was so good to keep everyone hydrated, make sure everything was in place, and to arrange the details with such an artistic eye.

We got to start the day with the final touches of the Bridal party getting ready. The excitement in their prep room was electric and their smiles lit up the house! The girls got ready in the house next to the church and the boys all got ready in the church basement. The basement housed hacky-sack antics, puzzles, and jokes as the guys prepped, visited, and waited for their turns for photos. This wedding party was amazing! They meshed so well, were all so kind to everyone there, lit up the dance floor, and had a blast!

The ceremony was beautiful! With the bride and groom sharing communion together, their tender vows, and the love of God they expressed, there was such an amazing peace and joy in the room. When Ben and Katerina kissed for the first time as Husband and Wife, their friends and family erupted in cheers…and when Ben went in for a second kiss and Katerina dodged (thinking he was goofing off) the crowd burst into laughter. These two are well loved!

Dinner was catered by the Tucson Tamale Company; Cameron and I were in heaven! Those tamales were big and packed with flavor!! And the various salsa’s made our southwest hearts happy! It was the perfect Tucson wedding dinner!

Ben and Katerina’s whole day was a beautiful celebration of marriage and their goal was to show God’s love. It would be hard to be around these two and to not feel God’s love! They welcomed Cameron and I with smiles and hugs and the wedding party was so fun and kind to us! They all had an absolute blast, and it was so amazing to watch! The joy that they all felt was evident to everyone there.

This moment with Katerina and her girls was so tender and heartfelt. The love that the girls expressed to and for God and for Katerina and Ben was touching.

Can I just tell you how much I love her dress?! I was so excited to find out she had a Pronovias dress! It was exquisite!

The time that Ben and Katerina were able to spend with their friends in the wedding party was packed with fun, laughter, and a makeshift hacky-sack game. They stumped us at first with two Kevin’s in the groomsmen and two Allie’s in the bridesmaids, but they were so fun to be around and made us feel right at home. The love that they have for Ben and Katerina was unmistakable. The prayer the Bridesmaids had with Katerina was so sweet to witness, and the dance party at the reception was a blast.

Ben and Katerina, thank you so much for inviting Cameron and I into your wedding day! The joy you felt, and the joy that was expressed by your friends and family was overwhelming. You have such an amazing peace and spirit that emanates from you. The love you have for God and the desire to let your wedding show His love was uplifting and buoyed us all up. Every detail of your wedding was beautiful from the visual details to the heartfelt moments of joy. We sure love both of you and can’t wait to follow you both along in your married life. We know you will touch the world!


Vendors and Creative Team

Bride’s Dress Designer: Pronovias
Bridal Store: Grace Style and Bridal
Groom’s Apparel: Calvin Klein
Coordinator: Elizabeth Victory
Hair Stylist: Amarrainy Dominguez
Officiant: Ryan Mullarkey
Florals: Savon Flowers
DJ: Celeste Sultana
Baker: Krispy Kreme and Safeway
Decor Rental: Arizona Party Rental
Videography: Handprint Images
Food: Tucson Tamale Company

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