Jun 6, 2017

Kyle and Laura Mae’s Mount Timpanogos Wedding

Kyle and Laura Mae got married on a GORGEOUS Friday morning at the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple in American Fork, UT. Their Woodland Fairy theme was beautiful, the asymmetrical bouquet was to die for, their wedding party was a hoot, and the two of them were both so excited and happy!

How They Met

Kyle and Laura Mae met the first day of college, in their very first class. They didn’t either much care for the class, but they said it was the best class they ever took because it introduced them to each other! They became quick friends and the first starts of romance sparked. While sitting and watching movies one night, Kyle decided it was time to hold her hand…but it took him two and a half Land Before Time movies to get the nerves up to finally grab her hand! But after a while Laura Mae’s schedule filled up with dance and Kyle was preparing to leave on an LDS mission, so the two decided to part ways with no plans to get back together later after his mission.

But, as they say, when you are gone for two years you miss a lot of Marvel movies! So when Kyle got home and he and Laura Mae met back up, she decided to help take Kyle and his roommates on a “tour” of the movies they had missed. They had a lot of movie nights! And eventually they found themselves trying to sit strategically. They weren’t sure where they stood with each other, but they both knew they wanted to be sitting next to each other! Laura Mae told me that “even though I have never seen V for Vendetta, I totally own that movie to Kyle and I having our second first date. We had made vague plans to watch V for Vendetta but then college got in the way and parent phone calls too! Instead of that happening we made plans to go see Dr. Strange, and Kyle was very specific to say it was a date. I think we can own a lot of our relationship to Marvel movies. They gave us a great reason to be around each other a lot of the time! After that first date we moved pretty dang quick, I guess when you know you know!”

How The Proposal Happened

It was the week of St. Patricks day, but at New Mexico State University it was also the week before spring break, which meant Mid Terms in all of Kyle’s classes. They had definitely had the talk about wanting to get married but nothing was official. Of all the weeks for Kyle to propose Laura Mae was sure it would not happen that week. Her best friend Carley was graduating from NMSU in May (2017) and she wanted to go scout out places to take graduation pictures, and as her best friend she asked Laura Mae to be a model! She wanted to take pictures in the morning, so they got up early, and made sure they both looked cute.

The first location of the day was the Plaza in Old Mesilla. It has a nice gazebo in the middle of the plaza with lots of trees around the area as well! It so happened the morning that Carley and Laura Mae were there, March 17th, was a maintenance morning. So there were leaf blowers all around and working fixing some drip hoses on the the tress in the plaza. The men created a good amount of noise which was helpful for Kyle, who was waiting behind one of the stores in the plaza waiting for Carley to get Laura Mae into place.

Laura Mae stood up on the gazebo and began to pose. And you know the first couple of shots that get taken are for testing light, which is a green light to pose however you’d like, so she did! And being the dancer that she is, it was a very comical dance pose. So in all of the giggles after the first pose, Laura Mae did a quick look behind her, to make sure no maintenance workers would be in the background of the next set of pictures and noticed someone wearing one of the shirts Kyle own’s. In her head it had not registered that it was Kyle walking up; her first thought was, “Hey, Kyle own’s that shirt”, thinking that it was a worker behind her not Kyle. She thought about it longer and realizedthat was kind of odd, and took another look. Kyle was now much closer, and was definitely not a maintenance worker.

Laura Mae was so happy to see him, but also knew that he had a mid term that morning so she hadn’t expected to see him there!! Little did she know he’d made arrangements in advance with his professor to be able to come do this! Kyle hadn’t opened or respond to any their our classic “good morning” messages, so Laura Mae assumed he was studying away and then taking his test!Not only had he made arrangements with his professor, he’d carefully planted some seeds of doubt about the ring coming in. Kyle had been telling her stories of his brother who’s proposal ring got lost in the mail. He never specifically said that her ring was lost but he never said it hadn’t been. So a big part of Laura Mae was sure that the ring had not even come yet so there was no way for him to be proposing!! Before she knew it Kyle was on one knee and “I could not imagine my life with out him. So of course, I said yes!”

The Wedding Day

Without realizing it at first, Kyle and Laura Mae scheduled their wedding for National Doughnut Day!! Best day ever! When I realized the “double date”, I messaged Laura Mae excited and she had just found out as well! Looking on the map we found a Daylight Donuts nearby! Daylight Donuts is the only donut shop in Silver City where Laura Mae grew up, so even through there were a number of places to choose from, I went with the one from home! It was fun to walk into the bridal suite and meet the bridal party, share donuts and start visiting and getting work! These girls were all so fun, helpful, gorgeous, and on the ball! Stephanie had the most amazing emergency kit full of everything you could possibly think of! Sydney was playing double duty as a Bridesmaid and the florist and was working on the crowns for the bridal party and flower girls. Becky was so good to help me find the dresses and jewelry bags, and Carley, the Maid of Honor, was so sweet and helped us get the dress to and from Laura Mae’s parents room, and was so on the ball all day.

The girls had each picked out their own dress, and I loved how well they matched their personalities! All the details were just beautiful! And I couldn’t get over the bouquet!! I’m a sucker for asymmetrical bouquets, and this one was absolutely gorgeous!! Sydney did the most amazing job with it!!

And Kyle’s ring!!! My groom’s lately all have the coolest rings! I loved the facets on his band!

Laura Mae had made the cutest little bags for her Bridesmaids with their jewelry, a nail kit, and a face mask! I loved all the jewelry she picked out!

Paige drove up from New Mexico to attend the wedding and to do Laura Mae’s hair. It was so fun to see her and her husband there! They are one of my early Prickly Pear VIP couples! Laura Mae had been a bridesmaid at Paige’s wedding, and now Paige was here to help her at her wedding!
Kyle is notorious for slipping notes into Laura Mae’s bag, and that morning he kept up with tradition with the sweetest card and anklet for Laura Mae.

Laura Mae’s dress was ordered from China, and then her mother did alterations to make it exactly what she had dreamed of! The car ride up from Southern New Mexico to Utah was spent sewing buttons on the back. I loved watching her mom help her into her dress. They were both so excited!

Kyle and Laura Mae needed to be at the temple an hour before they were set to get married, so we decided to show up at the temple early so that the two of them could have a first look. Visiting with Kyle before Laura Mae was ready was so fun. He was ready and so excited!! Getting them in place and watching their interactions was sweet! Kyle turned around, his grin doubled, and he ran over to his beautiful bride and pulled her in for the biggest hug.

He was pretty relieved when he realized the buttons were for show and that there really was a zipper. “Woah, that’s a lot of buttons!”

And then it was time for them to go in and get married!!

They went into the temple, and since no photography is allowed inside Sadie, my Second Shooter, and I walked around the temple to make a shooting plan and then went and grabbed a quick lunch. I’d never been to Blue Lemon before, but it was yummy! We came back a little before the two hour mark was up so that we could make sure that we and the family were all in place for the Temple Exit, where Kyle and Laura Mae come out as Husband and Wife! The Temple has a specific door that they use for these exits, so we were battling the sun, but it didn’t even matter…Kyle and Laura Mae were beaming!

Laura Mae is the baby of the family and had all her sisters there at the wedding. I loved their idea to get all their rings together! And then Kyle with his brothers was hilarious!

This Wedding Party was fabulous. They had such a good time and all got along so well! I loved watching them all interact!

When we broke for group pictures with the Bridesmaids and the Groomsmen, the guys all huddled to make a plan on how to out-do the girls for their pictures. I was dying!

So to out-do the girls they thought they’d throw Kyle up and catch him. Only their execution was a little off!

These girls were all gorgeous! I loved how they interacted and how sweet they were all day!

And finally it was time for their first portraits as Mr. and Mrs!

Following portraits, Laura Mae and Kyle headed off to the family luncheon while Sadie and I left to prep for Part 3 of the day: Portraits at Wheeler Farms! This historic farm is gorgeous!! We walked the trails to find just the right spot for their portraits and found a gorgeous row of trees and grass that we knew we had to use! When Kyle and Laura Mae came later we were so excited to show this spot to them! It was the perfect woodland backdrop!

Those Utah mountains get to me every single time! I can’t believe how tall they are, and that in June there is still snow! Fresh snow!! Blows this AZ girl’s mind!

The reception was held at a nearby church, and it was sweet to see how the family had pulled together to help. Laura Mae’s sisters made the cupcakes and cake, and they were AMAZING! After the luncheon they realized that the mint frosting had melted off and had to mix up a quick new batch. One sister wiped the frosting off, while the other sister made batch after batch of frosting, and then they piped it onto the cupcakes. I would have never known had they not told me! They looked beautiful and tasted amazing!

To the side of the deserts the older nephews ran an Italian Soda bar. It was such a cute and yummy idea. Everyone loved it!

Kyle and Laura Mae, your wedding was beautiful! I loved watching the two of you all day, seeing the love that everyone there has for the two of you, and seeing the start of your eternity! Everything was beautiful and heartfelt, and I am so excited for you two! I can’t wait to see where your adventures take you!

The Creative Team:

Wedding Dress: Ebay with Alterations by Jillyn Dille, Mother of the Bride
Bridal Jewelry: Claires
Veils: Amazon
Shoes: The Shoe Department
Groom’s Apparel: Botong from Amazon
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal,, Black Butterfly Clothing, Ever Pretty
Hair Stylist: Paige Williams
Make Up: Carley Casey
Florist: Sydney Spaulding
Baker: Tricia Allred and Shanna Niemann

And a HUGE thank you to my amazing Second Shooter Sadie, from Sadie Banks Photography!

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