Jun 8, 2017

That One Time in College When I Got Locked Out With Only a Towel

It’s been a month since I debuted my “That One Time in College When” series! I figure it’s high time for the next installment!  Today’s “episode” happened in mid September in my very first semester of college as a brand new freshman. Just enough into the school year to feel like I was really getting the hang of things. Just enough time to let down my guard.

My first year I lived in the dorms on campus. This particular dorm had a wing on the south for the girls and a wing on the north for the guys. Each wing had two floors, with one long hallway housing the community bathroom and the individual dorm rooms.

(Image from EAC Website)

One morning I got up to shower. My roommate was already up early and gone for the day. I usually just took my clothes in with me and changed in the shower, but no matter how careful I was I always ended up with a big wet spot on my pants or shirt or something. So I decided since the bathroom was just across the hall, I’d just wrap up in my towel to go across and back. It was early, most the other girls weren’t up yet (I’ve always been quite private). Those communal bathrooms were interesting. It was great to not have to clean my own bathroom, but it was also awkward to share the bathroom with so many other girls on a daily basis. But at least it was just girls (well, usually…unless someone broke the rules and sneaked their boyfriend in and then it was really awkward).

Everything was fine until I got back to my dorm room and realized that my normal ritual was to put my keys in my pants pocket when I walked over to the showers. Since I deviated from the norm and didn’t have my pants, I also didn’t have my keys. I was locked out, and all I had wrapped around me was a towel.

Now this was before most college kids had cell phones. I didn’t. My roommate didn’t. I had no way to get a hold of her. The only choice was to go downstairs and get the RA to come open the door.Luckily when I got down the stairs it was empty. I went to the female RA’s door and knocked and knocked, but she never answered. I was there, dripping wet and cold, with nothing on but a towel down in the common area.

(Image from EAC Website)

So I then went to the male RA’s door, who was also one of the Football coaches and knocked on his door. I’m sure I was beet red. He answered quickly and was grumpy at first, but as I explained my predicament, he chuckled and went back to get his keys.

It all seemed like it would only be minimally awkward until right then. That exact moment was when the door from the guys side opened and out came half of the male residents on their way up to practice (this dorm housed a lot of the student athletes). I froze. There was no where to hide. No where to go. Total mortification.

After what felt like eons (which I’m sure was just a few seconds), the RA came back out, the guys all thankfully were pretty polite and didn’t raz me while I stood there, and I got back to my room with only my pride hurt. The RA even said that he wouldn’t put that unlocking on my chart, “I figure this has been traumatic enough that you won’t do it again.” he laughed.

And I never did. After that my keys went with me everywhere.

A few morals from this story:

1. Take your keys with you everywhere.
2. Wet spots on your clothes are infinitely better than having to run around a dorm with just a towel.
3. Getting up early to shower isn’t worth it. Just sleep in.

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  1. Kayla Grey

    June 8th, 2017 at 1:33 pm

    Lol, this is too cute! I’m sure that was completely mortifying! I totally agree with your morals… except the last one, lol. I don’t know how to sleep in! Even when I am dead ass tired! lol!

  2. Kate

    June 8th, 2017 at 5:21 pm

    Ha ha, oh man! At least you can look back on it and laugh now!

  3. Karen Shoufler

    June 10th, 2017 at 8:43 am

    Hahaha, oh my goodness. How embarrassing!! I got locked out of my apartment once with my daughter (18 months) locked inside. Sheesh! Keys stay with me all the time now too!

  4. Misty

    June 10th, 2017 at 8:53 am

    HAAAAAAA! I’m loving this series! Keep ’em coming!