Aug 31, 2017

Explore Where You Live: Picking Blackberries

One semester while attending the UofA in Tucson, we were broke. Completely and utterly broke. As in selling our books and games to Bookmans so we could eat AND pay rent. There wasn’t money for entertainment. We both had bus passes through the school though. So when we were bored and needed to get out of the apartment we would hop on the bus and go check out somewhere new and free.

We found all sorts of hidden gems from historic and beautiful neighborhoods that were perfect for evening walks, living history days at the Presidio, free cowboy stunt shows, beautiful overlooks on the mountain, random rope swings on a tall pine, and so much more. It turned into such an adventure. We realized that there was so much more to Tucson than we would have ever imagined.

That interest and that love has stuck with us through the years. Anytime we’ve moved to a new place, we go looking for the hidden gems. And it works! Everywhere we’ve lived people ask us, “How do you know where all these places are?!” And it’s because we get out and explore. We pick random mountain roads on evening drives. Sometimes it’s a dead end and nothing exciting, and other times it takes you down a crazy canyon to a gorgeous creek!

Our first weekend in Payson we heard that we had arrived just in time for the wild blackberries to come on. So we found out where, and set off armed with Blue Bird Flour sacks and a wire farm basket. And we had an absolute blast!

Wait! We LIVE here?! This is crazy!

Ione and I were a team for picking, and it pretty much went one berry for the basket, one for Ione’s mouth. And before I could get another blackberry for her she’d be opening her mouth for more. She couldn’t get enough!

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