Aug 30, 2017

What should a groom have for details shots?

Detail shots at a wedding are becoming more and more prominent. I have my own personal reasons why I think they are important, and you can read about that here.

One set of details though that often gets overlooked are the Groom’s details. These tell such a fun part of the story that really shouldn’t be missed!

What sorts of things might a groom think about for detail shots?


Whether they are shiny black tux shoes, some custom vans, or carefully cleaned cowboy boots, a guys shoes are way fun to photograph! I think they have just as much personality hidden in them as a pair of glittery heels. Just different personality.

A Watch

Many grooms wear a new classy watch for their wedding. Some carry grandpa’s old pocket watch. And some don’t have one at all, and that’s totally cool. But a watch makes for a great statement piece for men!

The Tie

Wether it’s a bolo, bow, or neck tie, the tie is definitely an essential piece to photograph! (Small tip…if you don’t know how to tie a tie, practice before hand and make sure the best man practices as well!)


Whether they’re black, gold, superhero, or made from a computer chip, cufflinks are so fun to photograph and make for a great detail shot. I love the personalization that often happens with the cufflinks!

The Suit

Whether it’s a full tux, a rented suit, a country vest, a pressed shirt with suspenders, or an ivory mariachi suit, these are some favorite pieces to style and capture.


Groomsmen Gifts

Watches, cigars, hamburgers (seen it!), flies (for fly fishing…not insect flies, don’t worry), and hats are just a few of the fun groomsmen gifts that I’ve seen done!

The options for Groom’s really are way wider than they often think! This list could expand on forever! Socks (so many cool socks!), belts, belt buckles, handkerchiefs, lucky pennies, sunglasses, phone cases, letters, etc. Groom’s, don’t be afraid to have fun with your details!


And a thank you to the amazing women who have second shot for me and helped document some of these groom details! Deborah Allen, Erin Richins, Tina Kraemer, and Lara Gabrielson, you guys rock!

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